Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Busy Birthday Weekend

We have had an incredibly busy, but fun, birthday weekend! We're exhausted - tomorrow will be a day of rest for us! :)

Yesterday after Jordyn woke up, we took her downstairs to her big birthday present from Mom and Dad ...
She LOVES her new kitchen.
I did a lot of searching for the "perfect" kitchen. This kitchen is complete with "granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and modern cabinets." The burner also makes a sizzling noise when the fry pan is on and a boiling noise when the pot is on. Jordyn's favorite thing to do is to open and close the cupboards and hide the food/dishes in them.
Justin and I both took the day off yesterday to celebrate his birthday and Jordyn's birthday. Justin got a massage in the morning, so Jordyn and I went and visited daycare and dropped off birthday treats.

We went out for lunch at Applebees. Jordyn had her first kids meal ... a hot dog (real healthy, I know), applesauce, and apple juice. She ate almost the entire hot dog minus the bun. She is so picky about food but loves hot dogs.

Since she was under the age of 12, she could have a free dessert ... if you're over 12, you're out of luck - so Justin didn't get one. (except for the fact that we ate most of hers)

Jordyn LOVED the dessert - yummy chocolate mousse, oreos, hot fudge, and whipped cream.
In the afternoon we headed to RR to spend some time with Justin's family. His brother and his fiance were here for the weekend from Ohio. We had dinner with the family and then spent most of the evening at their house as well.

Before dinner, Justin and I took Jordyn to the town's business trick-or-treat. The weather was awful so we only went to about 5 places, but we really went to see my mom. Jordyn was a flower for Halloween ...
Visiting Grandma Ronda ...
Being silly with Daddy ...
So sweet!
She loves her Daddy!
The cutest flower ever ...
Uncle Darin and Jordyn ...
Since we knew Jordyn would have lots of gifts to open tonight at her party, we had her open her gifts from Gpa and Gma Overman and Uncle Darin and Aunt Kathryn last night.

Throwing out the tissue paper ...

Reading the card with Mommy ... (and check out her new boots - so cute!)

Jordyn got a new suitcase with her name on it along with lots of clothes from Gpa and Gma Overman and Uncle Darin and Aunt Kathryn. (Pictures to come later with the rest of the gift pictures.)

I have a couple of other posts, but I may not get them done until tomorrow - one will be from her party and the other from trick-or-treating.

We hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

27 & 1

Happy Birthday to the loves of my life!

Justin turns 27 today, and our baby girl turns 1. I can't even believe how fast this last year went.Justin received the best birthday present last year with the arrival of Jordyn. How fun that they can share such a special day!
Justin always jokes that he's going to have princess birthday parties for many years to come. :)

We tried to get some 1 year old pictures this morning ... Jordyn was sure gooofy!
This is actually her outfit for her birthday party tomorrow, but we had to get pictures in the outfit on the actual birthday.

Doing her favorite thing - reading a book.
Such a sweetie!

We just LOVE this little girl!
Justin and I both took a personal day at work today so we could spend the day together. I actually just sent Justin off to get a one-hour hot stone massage. There is a spa here that we absolutely love. I hope he enjoys his massage! Jordyn and I are off to daycare in a little while to drop off treats, and then we're all heading out for lunch together.

Since I did a monthly update for the last year - I better add a few things.

What is Jordyn up to these days?

Jordyn ...

... is walking! She still needs a little help at times and walking on the hardwood floor can be difficult without shoes, but she is doing great.

... she learned to crawl up the steps over a month ago, but now she can zoom up those steps very quickly.

... weighs about 20 1/2 pounds ... still (for the last 3 months) wears a size 3 diaper and still wears 12 month clothes (and some 9 month).

... is FINALLY eating some table food. Some days it's still a struggle, but in the last 2 weeks she has decided she's ready to eat. She loves pasta ... alfredo, spaghetti, mac and cheese ... she is definitely her mother's child!

... is sitting forward in her car seat. She loves it - she thinks it's fun to watch Mom and Dad in the car.

... LOVES to open cupboards and dump everything out - which is why we picked out the birthday gift we did for her. (info and pictures to come later)

... is still a great sleeper. A normal night during the week is from 7:30 to 6:00 when Daddy wakes her up to get her ready for the day. Yes, Daddy does all of the work in the morning. Mommy gets everything ready the night before and Daddy takes care of her in the morning. It makes our morning go very smoothly since Jordyn and I leave the house at 6:40.

... definitely loves her blankie. Before Jordyn was born, Justin bought Jordyn a blanket that has the silk on side and is very soft on the other. She didn't use it much as a baby since it was too slippery to hold her in, but now she is in love with it. She gets so excited when she sees her blankie.
... loves to feed Gizmo - especially her puffs. Jordyn eats one, then feeds one to Gizmo, then she eats one, one to Gizmo ... we have tried to stop it, but it's nearly impossible unless we put the dog outside.

... understands the word "no" but doesn't usually listen to it. She usually laughs and then continues what she's doing. At this age it's still kind of funny - ask in me in a few months if I still think it's funny though. :)

... has amazed us every single day of the last year. She has grown so much (tear, tear) and learned so much. We just love her to pieces!

Happy Birthday, Justin & Jordyn!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The rest of the weekend pictures :)

I uploaded our weekend photos on Sunday, but I am just now getting around to writing a quick post.

On Friday I dressed Jordyn up in her pumpkin outfit again hoping to get a few smiles from her. The first couple were cute, but the sun was in her eyes, so she had to squint to look at Mom.

I'm trying to smile Mom, but the sun is too bright!
Waving - all she wanted to do was wave at Mommy!
My favorite!
Watching the leaves move with the wind.

Poor Gizmo had to watch us from the door. (PS - see the big box in the background? Jordyn's birthday present arrived on Friday too.)
After our outdoor pictures we changed clothes and got ready to head to Great Grandpa and Grandma Overman's. These two love to look outside ...
One of Jordyn's new favorite things is to open the cereal/chips/crackers cupboard and pull them out. It was cute until she dumped out a box of Lucky Charms. (By the way, those marshmallows turned her mouth blue!)
More playing ... this girl knows which snacks are good! :)
After all of those pictures, we finally headed out to spend the evening with Justin's family. Justin's Uncle Terry and Aunt Shelley were here from Illinois. We hadn't seen them since our wedding, and this was the first time they had met Jordyn. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get a good picture of Jordyn and Shelley ... I tried. Sorry! I know Shelley took some cute video clips of Jordyn. :)
Jordyn was doing the funniest thing while we were there. Justin's cousin, Molly, (Terry and Shelley's daughter) was homecoming queen in high school. There is a large framed picture from homecoming of Molly in her fancy dress, flowers, and tiara. Jordyn just loved it! She kept waving to Molly like she was really there. She would crawl over to the picture (it was near the floor) and just sit and wave. She never tried to grab the picture, just did a lot of waiving.

We enjoyed seeing Terry and Shelley. We missed seeing the rest of their family - hopefully soon! :) (Molly - thanks for making a video of your work - it was fun to watch you on the computer since you couldn't be here in person. Sidney - we didn't get to watch your video - Jordyn needed to go to bed. Sorry!)

On Saturday we went to the UNI football game (see the post below).

On Sunday we went to my parent's house. Jordyn spent the night with them, and it was my dad's birthday. We joined them for church in the morning. Jordyn was a hoot during church, and I got the giggles. Good thing we were in the very back or I might have needed to walk out. She was just so silly!

We ate lunch with my parents, watched some football, ate some yummy ice cream cake, and then headed back to SF. Our weekend was busy but a lot of fun! I just wish they didn't go so fast! This week is a super busy one, and I'm doing my best to not have a panic attack. :) Conferences start on Thursday (I have 10 this Thursday, 10 next Monday, and 8 next Thursday).

Tonight we carved Jordyn's big pumpkin from Grandpa Buzz's field. Unfortunately Jordyn was scared of the pumpkin. Weird, I know. We took some pictures, but it may be a little while before I get them uploaded.

For now, it's time for me to sign off. Hopefully I didn't bore you too much tonight! (It felt like a lot of rambling to me, sorry!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mud On The Tires

I couldn't help but sing Brad Paisley's "Mud on the Tires" after an experience we had yesterday. Check out this picture ... (none of these are our cars)The white car in the top left took two trucks to pull it out. The nice Lincoln in the front of the picture is about 5 feet away from our car.
Are you wondering where we were? Justin and I went to the UNI/SDSU game in Brookings. This was the parking lot. Lovely, huh? It was quite entertaining to sit in our vehicle and watch everyone get stuck. (I couldn't help but take pictures - I knew it would be worth putting on the blog.) If you saw that three cars were stuck, wouldn't that be a sign to turn around? Nope, cars continued to try to go through and continued to get stuck. (Our car was not parked in mud - we had no problem.) The end of the post will have a little more to share about the mud. Needless to say, I was less than impressed with the parking/tailgating area at SDSU. Yuck!

Justin and I had the whole day/night to just us yesterday. My parents took Jordyn for the weekend. She got to play with Gpa and Gma VB, Great-Grandma Marlene, Gracia (good family friend), Auntie Devin, and Uncle BJ! How fun! (She played with some other family members on Friday night too ... that will be in an upcoming post.)

Even though the Panthers lost the game yesterday (tear, tear), we had a great time! The weather was a little chilly, but we were just fine.

Waiting for the game to start ... (Justin even broke out his letterman's coat for the game. Ha!)

Are you wondering who this might be a picture of?
The man in the black jacket is Dr. Clark ... UNI's team doctor. As Justin said yesterday ... "He made me the person I am today ... literally." That would be true. Dr. Clark did 4 out of the 5 surgeries Justin needed during his college football days at UNI. (2 ankle/leg and 2 knee ... his shoulder surgery was done in Chicago) Justin was even in a magazine with Dr. Clark!

Like I said, we had a nice time at the game, but we were bummed to not see UNI at the top of their game.
After the game we got to car to find this ...
At some point one of the stuck cars spun their tires and nailed our vehicle. The passenger side was worse, but we got a good laugh out of it. If you're heading to SDSU, think twice about parking in the grass lots. They were the most convenient for tailgating, but be prepared for mud!

On our way home, we called in Car Side To Go at Applebees, ate our food, and we were both sleeping by about 8:00 on the couch. Wow, what a way to spend a kid-free night, right? :) I got 11 hours of much-needed sleep!

This morning we went to church with my parents (I couldn't wait to see Jordyn!) and then had lunch with them for my dad's birthday.

I have more weekend pictures, but I will put them in another post. :)

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!
We hope your day is wonderful - and we hoped you enjoyed your weekend with Jordyn! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

She's Eating!

Jordyn has finally decided that she's ready to eat again! She is still getting a little baby food, but finally, over the last 3 days she has started eating. I think a combination of that 9th tooth and just not feeling well caused the eating problems.

Tonight she ate a ton of spaghetti and cheese bread. Yay! We were so excited! She was a little messy and went straight to the bathtub, but she's still pretty cute covered in spaghetti sauce!

Last night we went to Justin's parents' house for a little while. We had dinner with them - and Jordyn ate a ton! They ordered pizza, chicken, and potatoes from PR, and Jordyn LOVED it! She ate potatoes, about 5 bites of chicken, and an entire piece of pizza (except the crust since it was a little too hard for her). We couldn't believe how much she ate! Daycare has said the same thing - she is finally eating for them as well. I think we're finally heading in the right direction!

After dinner we visited Justin's grandparents. Jordyn was so giggly for them at their house - and she showed them how she is getting good at walking, giving high-fives, waving, and just being silly.

We have some fun weekend plans scheduled, so we're hoping everyone stays healthy so that we can go through with them! I must say it makes me a little nervous to be around so many students with all of the sickness that is going around right now. It has been knocking our students out for a week at a time. I did get the H1N1 vaccine yesterday. We're praying that we all stay healthy!

Ending with a couple of pictures of Jordyn and Mom - these are from Tuesday morning ...

Have a great night!