Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, September 7, 2009

Yay for long weekends!

Even though I've had a four day weekend, I'm still wondering why weekends have to go so fast.

We spent Saturday night until this afternoon at Okbooji. We got up there later on Saturday night and just hung out at the condo. We stayed very busy on Sunday! We went for a walk, a long boat ride and had a picnic on the boat, swam, went on another walk and did some shopping (or I should day browsing since we didn't buy anything), went out to dinner to one of my favorite places - Tweeters, and did a lot of playing with Jordyn. She is just so much fun to watch. She learns so much each day. She is also getting about 5 new teeth right now ... which leads me to a decision that I made this weekend ... can you guess? I am DONE nursing. No more painful bites from Jordyn. She's been getting 2-3 formula bottles a day for about 2 months, so I know she'll handle the change just fine.

I have some pictures to share from our busy day yesterday.

All ready to go for a boat ride ... and happy because she doesn't have her life jacket on yet.
Still getting a little smile from her with the life jacket on. :) I always laugh about the hat and glasses, but she LOVES to wear her glasses! She's also sitting on the floor of the boat here, because this was during our "picnic on the boat." She is now in love with eating bread - she was constantly grabbing my sandwich.
Look who can drive a boat! (and then she fell asleep about 5 minutes later, still helping her daddy drive)
Playing after the boat ride.

Off to the pool! More hats and glasses!
She loves the water just like her mama!
Playing some more ...

We were planning on staying at the lake through the afternoon today, but it was very foggy until about noon, and then it was quite overcast after that. We decided to head home during Jordyn's naptime, which worked out very well. This afternoon we walked to an ice cream shop about a mile from our house. Does that defeat the purpose of exercising? Ha! :)

Time to get Jordyn ready for bed!

We hope your weekend was great!


Lee Anne said...

How great that she keeps those glasses on! So much easier on her eyes.

Glad you had such a nice weekend. It's always hard to go back to work after them though. Then again, is it ever easy to go back to work?

I congratulate you on MANY months of nursing. I know from experience this is not an easy feat and you should feel very proud of yourself. Way to go, girl!

Lauren Kelly said...
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Lauren Kelly said...

I am so lovin all the pictures!!

And can you tweet on twitter at "Tweeters"? haha!!!

Sorry, my lame attempt at being funny, ha!! :)

Jess :) said...

Let me just say that since you walked to B&G...NO, that doesn't defeat the purpose of exercising because it's LOW-FAT and LOW-CAL!! Plus, it tastes FANTABULOUS and it's well worth the trip. I guarantee, ok...depending on what you got...that burned off the calories and then some by walking. :)

You know ~ just my take on things. Doesn't B&G rock?! Those of you who don't have any idea what I'm talking about...I feel so sad that you can't experience this amazing ice cream. :)