Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This & That

I've been lacking in the blog posts lately. It seems that each day goes by faster, and our little girl (who is growing way too fast) isn't quite as interested in the camera these days. It's been a challenge to get pictures of her!

So ... what is going on with the Overman's these days? Lots! Jordyn is a moving machine! She's not quite walking on her own, but she is so close! She uses her little walking toy and runs across the living room with it. It's so funny! She's all over the place, and with a multilevel house (4 levels) she wants to know where everything is on each level. She's very curious!

On Saturday we were lucky to have my brother stop by. Jordyn had so much fun with her Uncle BJ. She showed him how she crawls up the stairs, how to play baseball, how to throw a football, and how to shoot hoops. (Do you think we might have an athlete?) She talked to him and pulled out about every toy she has while he was here.

On Sunday (after church and watching a lot of football), Justin's parents stopped by. Jordyn had lots of fun with them as well! She talked nonstop and told them many stories!

We have spent a lot of time getting the house in order the last few days (going through closets, drawers, cupboards) and getting the outdoor projects taken care of before it's too cold (yuck) to be outside. We did not enjoy the weather on Sunday or Monday, but we loved today's weather and all went for a walk after work tonight.

And now for some pictures ... the first few are from Sunday after church. Like I said, Jordyn wasn't too thrilled about the camera.

Our little mover ...
Funny thing about the pacifier. I had just taken it out of her mouth and set it on her exersaucer hoping that I would get her to smile for me. She walked over to the exersaucer with her toy, grabbed her pacifier, put it in her mouth, and continued walking. So much for the smile! (Well, she was smiling behind the pacifier - you just can't see it.)

Playing outside after our walk ...
Jordyn LOVES to be outside. She loves walks, playing in the grass, going down the slide, and throwing balls.

One more walking picture ....
Justin sits on one couch and I sit on the other. She walks until she hits the couch, then we turn her around and send her the other way. She thinks it's great!

One quick note - Please continue to pray for my cousin. She's had some ups and downs this week and truly has a long road ahead of her. Check our her Caringbridge page if you have time:

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Lee Anne said...

I hope your cousin can heal and overcome this horrible accident. My goodness, so many injuries.

I can't wait to see what Jordyn thinks of snow! Always interesting!