Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jordyn & Belle

Last week you met Gadget ... this week you get to meet Jordyn's other horse Belle! (It's a Disney Princess Horse.)

My heart just melts each time I see this smile!Jordyn loves to rock back and forth on this horse, and she also loves to push the ears, because they make galloping noises and play songs.
Jordyn has figured out how to get on this horse on her own, but the best is her "dismount." She gracefully slides off the back and lands on her butt, all the while she is giggling. Justin and I can't help but laugh at her each time she does this.


Lauren Kelly said...

With each picture she gets more and more precious!!!! :)

Lee Anne said...

Watch out or you and Justin will be buying land and real horses before too long! Super cute photos!