Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

11 Months

Wow, where does time go? Jordyn is 11 months old today. The next time I write a monthly post I'll be wishing Jordyn a Happy Birthday!

Our attempt at getting 11-month pictures this morning before work wasn't easy! Here's what we got ...
Laughing at Daddy!
Talking to Mommy
She's stuck! (She ran into the couch.)
What is new with Jordyn?

Jordyn ...

... weighs about 20 pounds.

... has 8 teeth ... 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom.

... loves sports! She loves to play catch/toss with the football, shoot hoops, and play baseball.

... talks nonstop at the top of her lungs. We love listening to her voice, but we don't mind a little peace when she goes down for a nap. :)

... loves to chase Gizmo around the house. She can't quite crawl as fast as he can run, but she sure tries!

... loves to crawl up the stairs.

... is still in size 3 diapers and wears mostly 12 month clothes. (She still wears a few nine month items.)

... reads books like she is a teacher. It melts my heart. She holds the book up like she's reading to her "students" and talks away. She definitely pays attention to her mom, dad, and daycare workers when they read to her.

... still isn't totally over her fear of men, but is getting better.

... has a new "big girl" carseat that she loves.

... will be a big sister in less than 7 months.

... loves to rest her head on mommy's tummy. Does she know something about mommy's tummy?

... loves to hit her dad on the head with her Twins baseball bat. Yes, he taught her that, but I will be less than thrilled when daycare informs me that she's hitting kids. :)

... still LOVES her swing. I don't know if it's normal for an 11-month-old to love their swing, but Jordyn does. It will hold her until she's 25 pounds, so we have a little while yet. She loves to rest in her swing and will often take short naps in it on the weekends. I keep thinking I'll be happy to put it away for the extra space, but by the time Jordyn is done with it, we'll be getting it ready for baby #2!

... has been done taking prevacid for a little over a month and is doing great! We're so happy that she finally outgrew her reflux problem!

... loves bananas! This is about the only "adult food" that Jordyn will eat besides bread/toast/crackers. She hates everything else, but she'll eat a whole banana with no problem. Between home and daycare, she's been offered many different things, most of which end up on the floor ... and let me tell you, Gizmo thinks it's GREAT! (Any suggestions of how to get this girl to eat? She also hates baby food that has chunks in it ... she gags or spits it right back out.)

Happy 11 Months, Jordyn! :)


Lee Anne said...

Happy 11 months Jordyn! Can't wait to hear about the BIG PARTY your gonna have for your first birthday!! I see a sports related theme.... :)

Lauren Kelly said...

Sooo cute, how are you feeling??? :)