Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

11 Months

Wow, where does time go? Jordyn is 11 months old today. The next time I write a monthly post I'll be wishing Jordyn a Happy Birthday!

Our attempt at getting 11-month pictures this morning before work wasn't easy! Here's what we got ...
Laughing at Daddy!
Talking to Mommy
She's stuck! (She ran into the couch.)
What is new with Jordyn?

Jordyn ...

... weighs about 20 pounds.

... has 8 teeth ... 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom.

... loves sports! She loves to play catch/toss with the football, shoot hoops, and play baseball.

... talks nonstop at the top of her lungs. We love listening to her voice, but we don't mind a little peace when she goes down for a nap. :)

... loves to chase Gizmo around the house. She can't quite crawl as fast as he can run, but she sure tries!

... loves to crawl up the stairs.

... is still in size 3 diapers and wears mostly 12 month clothes. (She still wears a few nine month items.)

... reads books like she is a teacher. It melts my heart. She holds the book up like she's reading to her "students" and talks away. She definitely pays attention to her mom, dad, and daycare workers when they read to her.

... still isn't totally over her fear of men, but is getting better.

... has a new "big girl" carseat that she loves.

... will be a big sister in less than 7 months.

... loves to rest her head on mommy's tummy. Does she know something about mommy's tummy?

... loves to hit her dad on the head with her Twins baseball bat. Yes, he taught her that, but I will be less than thrilled when daycare informs me that she's hitting kids. :)

... still LOVES her swing. I don't know if it's normal for an 11-month-old to love their swing, but Jordyn does. It will hold her until she's 25 pounds, so we have a little while yet. She loves to rest in her swing and will often take short naps in it on the weekends. I keep thinking I'll be happy to put it away for the extra space, but by the time Jordyn is done with it, we'll be getting it ready for baby #2!

... has been done taking prevacid for a little over a month and is doing great! We're so happy that she finally outgrew her reflux problem!

... loves bananas! This is about the only "adult food" that Jordyn will eat besides bread/toast/crackers. She hates everything else, but she'll eat a whole banana with no problem. Between home and daycare, she's been offered many different things, most of which end up on the floor ... and let me tell you, Gizmo thinks it's GREAT! (Any suggestions of how to get this girl to eat? She also hates baby food that has chunks in it ... she gags or spits it right back out.)

Happy 11 Months, Jordyn! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This & That

I've been lacking in the blog posts lately. It seems that each day goes by faster, and our little girl (who is growing way too fast) isn't quite as interested in the camera these days. It's been a challenge to get pictures of her!

So ... what is going on with the Overman's these days? Lots! Jordyn is a moving machine! She's not quite walking on her own, but she is so close! She uses her little walking toy and runs across the living room with it. It's so funny! She's all over the place, and with a multilevel house (4 levels) she wants to know where everything is on each level. She's very curious!

On Saturday we were lucky to have my brother stop by. Jordyn had so much fun with her Uncle BJ. She showed him how she crawls up the stairs, how to play baseball, how to throw a football, and how to shoot hoops. (Do you think we might have an athlete?) She talked to him and pulled out about every toy she has while he was here.

On Sunday (after church and watching a lot of football), Justin's parents stopped by. Jordyn had lots of fun with them as well! She talked nonstop and told them many stories!

We have spent a lot of time getting the house in order the last few days (going through closets, drawers, cupboards) and getting the outdoor projects taken care of before it's too cold (yuck) to be outside. We did not enjoy the weather on Sunday or Monday, but we loved today's weather and all went for a walk after work tonight.

And now for some pictures ... the first few are from Sunday after church. Like I said, Jordyn wasn't too thrilled about the camera.

Our little mover ...
Funny thing about the pacifier. I had just taken it out of her mouth and set it on her exersaucer hoping that I would get her to smile for me. She walked over to the exersaucer with her toy, grabbed her pacifier, put it in her mouth, and continued walking. So much for the smile! (Well, she was smiling behind the pacifier - you just can't see it.)

Playing outside after our walk ...
Jordyn LOVES to be outside. She loves walks, playing in the grass, going down the slide, and throwing balls.

One more walking picture ....
Justin sits on one couch and I sit on the other. She walks until she hits the couch, then we turn her around and send her the other way. She thinks it's great!

One quick note - Please continue to pray for my cousin. She's had some ups and downs this week and truly has a long road ahead of her. Check our her Caringbridge page if you have time:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Cleaning

We are so glad that it is the weekend! The weeks really fly by, and we are exhausted by Friday! (Including Jordyn, who was ready for bed at 5:30 last night, but we made her wait until 7:00.)

Our big plan for the weekend is Fall Cleaning. Anyone interested in helping out? You're welcome to join us! Ha! We have been gone almost every weekend since the start of the summer, so as you can imagine, our house has taken a hit - especially since I've been back to work for 7 weeks. Today will be spent cleaning closets, cupboards, cleaning each room in the house, and doing lots of yardwork (trimming, mowing, and winterizing the sprinkle system). Sounds like a great Saturday, right? Don't worry though, I'm sure we'll take plenty of breaks to catch a few football games!

Jordyn is doing great! She had a wonderful week at daycare! I love when the workers tell me about her day. She loves interacting with other kids. She will get them all playing peek-a-boo with her. Yesterday they said she would not stop moving. She was all over the place, and I could tell - she was completely exhausted last night. She stood for a just a little while by herself at daycare, and also did it a little at home. She's just not too sure what to think of standing without holding onto something. I'm sure she'll get used to it soon!

Jordyn is also all over the place at home. And her new favorite place is ...
The stairs! Jordyn has learned how to crawl up the stairs. Thankfully she's not too interested in going down the steps!
These are a couple of pictures that I took before we left for daycare/school yesterday ... Can you say Flower Power? :)

Look at those teeth! (She now has 8!)

We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prayer Request

Steph's Caringbridge Page:
Good Evening! I will be updating the blog with pictures of Jordyn soon (tomorrow), but tonight I have a prayer request. My cousin was in a car accident on Saturday. She hit a semi head-on. She's in pretty tough shape, but we're in awe of the prayers that have already been answered. Please pray for healing. She has a bruised brain (and they can't do an MRI because she is not stable enough), broken collar bone, both femurs are broken, broken pelvis, broken fingers, broken toes, 2 broken vertebrate, 2 collapsed lungs (which have fluid in them), and internal bleeding. She has had a couple of surgeries, but since she is not stable enough, they are not able to take care everything at this point. Please pray for her and her family, but also for the group of doctors, surgeons, and nurses that are taking care of her. Thanks!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jordyn's Announcement

Hi Friends! Jordyn would like to share some news ...

Yep, that's right ... around April 23, 2010, Jordyn will be a big sister! We could not be more thrilled! Jordyn and her sibling will be about 18 months apart. I know she will be a wonderful big sister!

We have definitely been blessed with our precious Jordyn, and baby #2 will be just as big of a blessing.

I am about 9 weeks along and feeling great. Not only am I feeling great, but can I tell you what is even better?!?! Absolutely NO fertility pills/treatments/bloodwork/dr. appointments were needed this time around. That in itself is just an incredible blessing to me. Going through for about 16 months last time was difficult, and I am so happy it wasn't needed this time! The procedure that I had done back in December of 2007 must have taken care of the problem!

God Is Good!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Nikes, Weekend, and Ear Infection

We have had a lot going on at the Overman's! I'm a little behind on our weekend post.

We had a very nice weekend. On Friday night we went to the mall for a little while. Look at our big girl all dressed up and in her new Nike shoes. :)

I have to laugh about every pair of pants that Jordyn has. Most of her clothes is 12 months (some still 9 months), but her waist is so tiny that every pair of pants she has falls down. Even the pants with the adjustable waist line are too big. We are constantly pulling them up. It's so funny!

Anyway, back to the weekend. On Saturday morning I was able to get a work out in, and then we spent our morning and early afternoon watching football. Have I ever mentioned that I love college football!? At about 4:00 we headed to my parent's house. My church was celebrating it's centennial. We went to a banquet on Saturday night, church on Sunday morning, and lunch after church. We had so much fun! My whole family was there, plus one of our old pastors, his wife, and one of their daughters were there. They are a pretty special family to our family ... in fact, when Justin and I got married, Pastor Bob came back from Michigan and did our wedding. The neat thing is that I was the only person that he had baptized and married!

Jordyn had a little bit of a difficult weekend. She would be happy, and then she would be upset. I think we've figured out why ... after a couple nights of lots of coughing, Justin took her to the doctor this morning, and we found out she has an ear infection. Poor thing. Her tummy is also upset and adding ear infection medicine to that sure doesn't make it any better. Justin had a meeting today, so I had to leave school at 10:00 to take care of Jordyn. I have changed so many awful diapers today - I just feel so bad for her! She has taken some good (and much needed) naps today, and I was able to squeeze one in too.

I am letting Jordyn take a quick little nap right now. I don't like her taking naps after 3:00 because it messes up her night time schedule, but she clearly needed one. I better get a few things done while she sleeps, with the little energy that I have. (Jordyn and I were up from 3:00-5:00 this morning, and then I was up at 5:45 for the day.)

Hopefully she's feeling better tomorrow!

(PS - Anyone else excited for the Big Brother finale tonight?)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Making of Jordyn's Message To Her Grandparents

If you read the post below, you saw that Jordyn had a message to her grandparents for Grandparent's Day. (The first picture of this post is the same as the below post.) Getting Jordyn to take a picture holding the sign was next to impossible, but we sure did get some cute pictures out of it!

What do I do with this, Daddy?
Ha Ha! I just threw it on the floor!

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Jordyn is very blessed to have two wonderful sets of grandparents and three sets of great-grandparents! Wishing all of you a Happy Grandparent's Day!

We Love You!

(Here's Jordyn's message to her grandparents.)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I think that the reason that I get nothing done in my house (dishes, laundry, cleaning) is because we spend too much time playing ...

I think some day she'll be a great helper ... for right now, she is the reason that I have a messy house, dishes on the counter, and dirty laundry, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jordyn & Belle

Last week you met Gadget ... this week you get to meet Jordyn's other horse Belle! (It's a Disney Princess Horse.)

My heart just melts each time I see this smile!Jordyn loves to rock back and forth on this horse, and she also loves to push the ears, because they make galloping noises and play songs.
Jordyn has figured out how to get on this horse on her own, but the best is her "dismount." She gracefully slides off the back and lands on her butt, all the while she is giggling. Justin and I can't help but laugh at her each time she does this.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A bad start to the week ...

Today at about 9:15 I received an email from Justin with the subject of "Deer" ... attached were a few pictures, but no words ...

And this is how our week has started.

(On the positive side ... Justin was driving 70 mph on the interstate when it happened, and he was not at all injured ... we are just so thankful for that. But now, can you picture a guy who is 6'5" trying to get in and out of the car through the passenger's door because the driver's door won't open?! The car is on the way to the shop.)

Happy Birthday, Mom O!

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday!

We want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Mom O/Grandma Shelli. We hope your day is wonderful! :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Yay for long weekends!

Even though I've had a four day weekend, I'm still wondering why weekends have to go so fast.

We spent Saturday night until this afternoon at Okbooji. We got up there later on Saturday night and just hung out at the condo. We stayed very busy on Sunday! We went for a walk, a long boat ride and had a picnic on the boat, swam, went on another walk and did some shopping (or I should day browsing since we didn't buy anything), went out to dinner to one of my favorite places - Tweeters, and did a lot of playing with Jordyn. She is just so much fun to watch. She learns so much each day. She is also getting about 5 new teeth right now ... which leads me to a decision that I made this weekend ... can you guess? I am DONE nursing. No more painful bites from Jordyn. She's been getting 2-3 formula bottles a day for about 2 months, so I know she'll handle the change just fine.

I have some pictures to share from our busy day yesterday.

All ready to go for a boat ride ... and happy because she doesn't have her life jacket on yet.
Still getting a little smile from her with the life jacket on. :) I always laugh about the hat and glasses, but she LOVES to wear her glasses! She's also sitting on the floor of the boat here, because this was during our "picnic on the boat." She is now in love with eating bread - she was constantly grabbing my sandwich.
Look who can drive a boat! (and then she fell asleep about 5 minutes later, still helping her daddy drive)
Playing after the boat ride.

Off to the pool! More hats and glasses!
She loves the water just like her mama!
Playing some more ...

We were planning on staying at the lake through the afternoon today, but it was very foggy until about noon, and then it was quite overcast after that. We decided to head home during Jordyn's naptime, which worked out very well. This afternoon we walked to an ice cream shop about a mile from our house. Does that defeat the purpose of exercising? Ha! :)

Time to get Jordyn ready for bed!

We hope your weekend was great!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Game Day!

One of the best things about fall is FOOTBALL! Although I wasn't ready for summer to be over with, I am completely excited for college football! I grew up watching football every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night. Both Justin and my brother played college football ... so I have never been away from it! Our UNI Panthers are playing the Iowa Hawkeyes this weekend. We really wish we could be there ... however, the 6-7 hour drive there is what made our decision to stay home and watch it on TV. We're hoping to get to at UNI game in Cedar Falls sometime this year. Thankfully, UNI will be playing at SDSU this fall, so we'll be able to make the short trip up there for sure!

Go Panthers! :)