Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playing at the Park

We went on a walk this afternoon after we got home from the lakes. We took Jordyn and Gizmo to the school park that is a couple of blocks from our house. Jordyn loved going down the slide with her daddy. I love this first picture ... Jordyn is clapping and smiling. :)

Ready to go again ...
Such a great picture of Justin! Ha!
Jordyn started to cry when we were done playing today. I think we will be spending a lot of time at that park in the future!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meet Gadget!

This is Jordyn's new horse, Gadget ...
No hands!

Jordyn got this horse a few weeks ago from Gpa and Gma Overman. We decided to name the horse Gadget (no, Jordyn doesn't get a say in that ... ha!) because I always said that if I had two dogs, they would be Gizmo and Gadget. Well, we have NO plans of getting a second dog (one is enough work), so Jordyn's horse will have to be Gadget. :)

Thanks for all of your kind comments on here, email and facebook. Jordyn is doing MUCH better. Monday afternoon/evening were not easy though. Jordyn was quite sick. We are very fortunate to have such a helping family! Justin has been out of town for 4 days (he will be home very soon ... yay!), so his mom came up Monday night and stayed over night and watched Jordyn yesterday. My parents came up last night and stayed with her today. She's pretty lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. I think they got in plenty of snuggle time with Jordyn in the last two days.

Jordyn seems to be feeling fine. Yesterday she drank only Pedialyte, but she had a lot of it and was very hydrated! Today she has had a little milk (and Pedialyte), but I didn't want her to have too much milk because I wasn't sure how her tummy would handle it ... she seems to be handling it fine though. :)

I don't think she's quite 100% yet, but she is very close. If it really was Rotavirus, I must say her case was mild (minus Monday night which was horrible). For all of you who have dealt with it for more than a day (since it usually lasts about 3-8 days), I'm not sure how you did it!

We are so happy that Jordyn is back to feeling better. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


Hi friends. Our little girl could use a few prayers tonight. She has rotavirus ... and it is nasty. She can't keep food down, and I am praying hard that she will not get dehydrated. We do not need a hospital visit. Hopefully it will pass soon ... after it passes, I will probably be hiring a cleaning service to clean my carpets and furniture, if you catch my drift. Between the puking and diarrhea, things are not good here. Good thing plastic table cloths, which will hopefully help save the crib mattress ... and will hopefully help save the furntire and carpet for any other messes.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The lowest notch of the crib!

Jordyn's crib is officially on the lowest notch now. She was on the second to lowest notch until we found her doing this after nap time ...
So big!
Hi Mommy and Daddy!
Clapping because she's proud of herself!


Gizmo loves his chewsticks ... and now Jordyn enjoys helping him! This is what we found when we turned our backs for SPLIT second.

Gizmo let Jordyn have his chewstick, and then he would gently bite the other end. It was so funny. (Don't worry, we only let this take place for a few seconds, but we had to get on camera!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week 1

Week 1 of school is almost over! I have to say, overall, it has been a successful week at school. I have a good class - but having 28 students sure makes every little task time consuming!

Jordyn is doing pretty well at daycare. I really struggle with the drop off. Jordyn clings to me and screams when I have Jo (one of the workers) take her from me in the morning. It just breaks my heart, and I'm usually crying by the time I get to the car. There are lots of windows near the baby room, so I often watch through the windows to make sure she calms down (and she does), but that doesn't make it any easier on me.

Jordyn has moved to a different room at daycare - "Mobile Infants." I was nervous about this because Jordyn is still not crawling (well, she army crawls and can scoot pretty well), but not a full crawl, and she can't walk on her own. I was afraid that since all of the other kids were moving that the room would not be good for her. It does seem to be going well though. Some days I wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch Jordyn interact with the other kids. The workers tell me that Jordyn talks a lot and plays well with them. I guess one of the positives about daycare is the interaction she is having with other kids.

Look how big our baby girl is getting!

Here are a few highlights from Jordyn's week at daycare (from her take-home sheet that we get each day) ...

*Riding in a push-cart while a peer pushed her.

*Playing musical instruments. They told me she loved the maracas.

*Playing outside - Jordyn loved splashing in the water in the sensory table (I'm not surprised) and playing with the grass. Jordyn is completely fascinated with grass. It's the little things in life, right?

*Painting a seashell using a bingo blotter. (You can bet I'll be sharing pictures of our artist's work once they send it home from daycare!)

*Talking and interacting with the other kids and workers.

*Playing with all sizes of balls during gross motor time.

I love reading about what she gets to do each day! One more day left this week (the week has gone fast), and then it's time for some relaxation - and hopefully a chance to catch up on some sleep. Jordyn had a rough night last night, and after 4 1/2 hours of sleep, I had to head to work! I'm exhausted!

Have a great night!

We're Gonna Win Twins!

We spend a lot of evenings cheering on the Twins. Check out this Twins fan sporting her jersey (pink of course) while reading her Twins book! (and yes, she was having a crazy hair day)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Vacation Is Over

It is hard to believe that school starts tomorrow! The students have their first day back from summer vacation. I can't believe how fast summer went, and I am struggling with knowing that this precious girl goes back to daycare full-time starting tomorrow ...
(We took those pictures before church today.)

Summer went way too fast for me. Jordyn and I created an incredible bond this summer, maybe a little too strong at times. She's definitely a mama's girl right now! I am going to miss our morning and afternoon walks, our daily swims in the back yard, Jordyn's naps so that I could work on her scrapbook and do a little housework, but most of all I'm going to miss playing with her all day! I know I'll look forward to walks after work and evening when Justin is home and hopefully a few afternoon swims yet. :)

Here's to the end of another summer ... and the next one is only 9 months away. (But who's counting, right?)

To my MN teacher friends - enjoy your last few weeks of summer and the SCFF!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

9 Month Wellness Check

Jordyn had her 9 month wellness check yesterday (actually about 9 1/2 month check). This was the first wellness check since her 2 month check that she didn't have an ear infection! Yay! Unfortunately, the doctor reminded me that Jordyn just started back at daycare, so things could change quickly.

Jordyn weighed 18 pounds 12 ounces today. I thought she would be over 19, but I was wrong. She was 28 1/2 inches long. Both of these are in the 50th percentile.

Jordyn was a tough little girl today - she had her finger pricked to check her hemoglobin. She sat on my lap and was so brave. I didn't even realize they had pricked her, because she never cried. I hate having my finger pricked - I always think that is worse than a shot. She just kept watching the nurse squeeze the blood into the tube. She was fascinated by it. She also thought her Crayon band aid was pretty neat! She couldn't stop holding up her finger and looking at it. It was so funny! The lab workers were pretty impressed with her! I told her on the way home that if she was a little older, I would have taken her out for ice cream for being so brave. :)

Her next round of shots will probably the flu shots (she'll get two since it will be her first time) and the H1N1 shots, once the doctor has more information about them. These will probably happen in about September/October. We are praying that we won't have to go back to the doctor until then. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another vacation :)

I am a little behind on posting this (imagine that!), but I have some fun pictures to share. Last Saturday-Monday we spent time at a lake in MN with my family. You might remember this post from our vacation there last year! My family is there the whole week, but since I had to go back to work on Tuesday, we came home Monday night. Nothing like planning a vacation right up until the night before you go back to work! It's always great to start work behind on sleep, laundry, and housework, but it was worth it to take another mini vacation. :)

My dad and brother love to bass fish, so over the last 10 years, they've taught Justin a few things. :) Here's Justin with his bass he caught on the first night there.

Jordyn had her first encounter with lake water and the beach! She wasn't too sure about the lake water, but she loved the sand!

Snuggling with Daddy after a quick little swim in the lake.

Our cutie pie!

Like mother ... like daughter! She LOVES wearing sunglasses. We might have a little diva on our hands! Ha!

Watching the boats with Grandpa.

Justin and I went for a ride on the paddle boat.

The resort from the lake ... I have stayed at this resort each summer for about 20 years out of my 26 years of life!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jordyn meets Hudsen!

We had such a wonderful weekend! This post is only about Friday and part of Saturday ... the rest will come in another post. :)

On Friday we headed to Okoboji. We had plans to meet up with our college friends, Jarren and Jen. Jarren and Justin lived together for several years, and Jarren was also in our wedding. Jarren and Jen had a little boy, Hudsen, in December, and we had not been able to meet each other's kids until this weekend.

On Friday night, Jarren and Jen dropped off Hudsen at her parent's house (they live near Okoboji), and then met us at the condo. We left Jordyn with Justin's parents, and we headed out for the evening. We had such a wonderful time. It was great catching up with them, telling stories, and spending a lot of time in laughter. We hung out at Barefoot Bar for a while, and then we closed down Godfather's at midnight. Yes, you read that right ... we closed down Godfather's. Are we lame or what? Ha!

Jarren and Jen stayed at the condo that night. On Saturday morning we took them for a boat ride, and then Jen's parents brought Hudsen to the condo so that he could meet Jordyn!

Jordyn and Hudsen's 1st meeting ...

Sharing the play table ...

Hudsen and I :)
Jarren & Hudsen and Justin & Jordyn
Jen & Hudsen and Jess & Jordyn (the two grandmas were trying to get them to smile - the two kids are looking right at their grandmas)
Such good friends!
We hope that it doesn't take another 14 months to see them again!

Jarren and Jen - Thanks so much for getting together with us! We had a great time!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Great Weekend!

Hi Friends! We had a fabulous weekend, but you will need to wait for the post until at least tomorrow. Our weekend was busy with spending some time with college friends, spending time at Lake Okoboji, then heading up to a lake in MN with my family for three days. We got home at about 9:00 tonight ... quickly unpacked, started laundry, and now I'm trying to prepare for my first day back to work tomorrow. I'm struggling with feeling ready ... I'm not ready for daycare to begin full-time again. I know it will get easier, but tomorrow is stressing me out. I have a lot to do yet tonight, so it's time to sign off. Good night!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

World Traveler

You would think Jordyn was a World Traveler by looking at her clothes!

Las Vegas
(from Mommy and Daddy)
(I think this next picture really makes Jordyn look like her daddy!)

(from Grandma Shelli - she went on a mission trip there in January)

Justin's parents, grandparents, and aunts/uncles all went on a cruise in March. Jordyn was a little spoiled. :)

St. Thomas

(from Justin's Uncle Wade)St. Lucia
Jordyn would not let me put this shirt on her for some reason. I gave up on the battle - we'll try again later!

I love having all of these different outfits. So cute! :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh what a week ...

Isn't she sweet? :)
Our week has been somewhat crazy. It hasn't been a great week, but it hasn't been horrible.

A few highlights (or maybe lowlights?) from our week ...

*I spent a total of 5 hours with my jaw open at the dentist on Wednesday and Thursday. Pregnancy was not good to my teeth. I have had a grand total of 3 cavities my whole life and never had braces. You are not going to believe this number (because I didn't at first), but I had 15 cavities appear very quickly. 15! Considering I've had a total of 3 prior to this, I was in shock. I brush, floss, don't drink much pop, wear my mouth guard at night because I grind my teeth ... I take good care of them. I was pretty bummed with this news. On Wednesday they gave me 8 shots of novacaine and filled 9 cavities. On Thursday I had 6 shots and 6 fillings. Believe it or not, the only pain that I really have is a couple of areas where I had shots. (By the way, my mouth was numb for about 8-10 hours each day - imagine how ridiculous I looked!) On the bright side, my dentist was fabulous - she was very gentle. (If you live the in the SF area and need a dentist, I would love to recommend this one to you!)

*I had a horrible headache by the time I was done with everything yesterday.

*Jordyn went to daycare for half day on Wednesday and a full day on Thursday. Since I go back to work next Tuesday, we decided it would be best to get her comfortable with daycare again. She did well both days, but we had an issue yesterday that I'm still upset about. I won't share much, but it has to do with some miscommunication among workers, and she missed one of her feedings so she was a hungry girl when I picked her up. She does like being at daycare though - she enjoys watching all of the other babies, and she especially likes two of the workers really well, which makes me feel better.

*Jordyn had the master of all blowouts in her high chair this morning ... right after she threw up from me trying to give her a few gerber puffs. Lovely. (She didn't throw up once yesterday with them.)

*My diamond in my wedding ring was rattling, so I took it in ... it's loose. They'll have it for about 3-5 days. I feel lost without it.

Of course my week isn't anything bad compared to others who have many challenging things going on in their lives. I have many things to be thankful for ... which makes these just tiny bumps in the road. :)

Wishing you all a great weekend! We are looking forward to ours. We have some fun things planned!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is Jordyn up to?

*Jordyn is completely attached to her blanket. Justin bought her this blanket when I was pregnant. He wanted her to have a blanket similar to my baby blanket. So sweet! This morning Jordyn would not let go of it ... I made her wait to eat her food until she would give it to me. She was pretty content for 20 minutes while she waited, and then I had to pry it from her hands. :)
*Jordyn was able to eat Gerber puffs for the first time today without throwing them up. Anything that is not smooth usually causes Jordyn to gag and often throw up. Today I tried the puffs again, and she kept them down. (Update: Until about 3 minutes ago, when she had one more and then threw up, but she did better this time!) She wanted to make sure I had an action shot for the blog!

*Jordyn threw her first temper tantrum in public. We have definitely been seeing signs of Jordyn screaming if she doesn't get what she wants at home, but today it happened in Target. Yep, we were one of those families that get nasty looks and everyone hopes leaves the store. Jordyn likes my pink Coach purse - and she thinks it's her chew toy. I didn't want her to have it because 1) I always thinks purses are full of germs and 2) I didn't need her dropping it out of the cart without me seeing her do it. I didn't give it to her and did she ever scream! Not a cry, just a full-out scream until I finally gave in and gave it to her. Not only did she want my purse though, she wanted everything that I put in the cart, and she wanted to touch anything that was close to her reach. I finally ended up carrying her and pushing the cart. It was pretty much a disaster of a trip to Target.

*Jordyn went on her 1st picnic today. (sorry, no pictures though) Jordyn and I met Justin at work, took the trail to Falls Park, and had our picnic there. Jordyn loved watching people walk by, and she was content as can be playing with her Twins baseball bat, which is her new favorite toy.

*Jordyn is learning how to bite ... and she bites when she is eating, which is leading me to think that I may be done nursing soon. Thank goodness she only has bottom teeth! Ha!

It is so much fun watching Jordyn grow! :)