Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tooth #2!

Jordyn's 2nd tooth has started to make an appearance! Yesterday I just happened to look at her first tooth, and then I realized the second one was coming too! I really expected Jordyn to be fussy when her teeth starting to come in, but I was wrong. She hasn't been fussy at all! She's one tough little girl! As soon as I can get a good picture of her teeth, I'll post it. (but she still thinks it's fun to hide her teeth with her tongue when Mom wants to see)

Jordyn and I went on a long walk this morning, and we played in the pool for about an hour this afternoon. Jordyn and I were playing and she fell face first into the water (from a sitting position). I was right there, but I couldn't stop her from going under (the water is only 3-4 inches deep). I thought for sure she would scream, but she giggled and started splashing as soon as I picked her up. Boy did she scream though when I took her out of the pool after an hour! Teeth don't bother her, but making her get out of the pool sure does! She calmed down though once I put her in the bathtub ... swimming to the bath ... she thought it was great!

We have a busy night planned! Justin's dad turns 50 today, and Justin's brother is flying in from Ohio! We are looking forward to seeing Darin. He hasn't been home since Easter. We are having dinner at our house with Justin's family and grandparents. Should be a fun night!

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Lee Anne said...

Sounds like you have a very fun night planned! Great way to start the weekend.

My kids never had any issues with teeth either. Very lucky that way.

Can wait to see the new pearly whites!