Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Productive Day!

I had a very productive day! By 9:10 this morning I had planted flowers outside and put 3 loaves of banana bread in the oven! Those are 2 things that I have wanted to do for the last 3 weeks. The poor flowers had been sitting in my garage for 3 weeks ... thankfully they hadn't died yet! And banana bread ... I have so many bananas frozen right now that I could probably make about 3 more batches of bread!

Jordyn took about a 2 hour nap ... so I finished the dishes, folded two loads of laundry, and watched a little TV. Jordyn took another 2 hour nap this afternoon, so I managed to get a little nap in myself. I love her napping schedule! :)

Jordyn had a doctor appointment this afternoon ... a re-check of her ears. I knew that the doctor was going to tell me that her ear infection was not gone ... and I was right. We are now going on over a month of her having an ear infection. The doctor decided to not do medicine this time. He wants to see if she can fight it on her own, which is very common for kids. I'm a little nervous about that though since it's been a month. I guess we'll see ... if I think she's getting worse, we are heading back in! Thankfully she has been very happy and hasn't had any fevers.

After the doctor appointment, Jordyn and I headed to get groceries. NOT an easy task with a baby ... her car seat takes up the entire cart! Our trip to Hy-Vee didn't start off real great ... it was raining and for some reason, everyone else thought getting groceries at 4:00 in the afternoon was the best time too! The place was packed! After driving around the parking lot for nearly 10 minutes, I nearly gave up and headed home ... but I finally found a parking spot. We got our groceries (or maybe 1/4 of them since the cart was full). Thank goodness for the drive up service to pick up the groceries!

Jordyn fell asleep on our way home and slept for about 45 minutes ... enough time to finish cleaning up my kitchen. As embarrassing as it is, I don't remember the last time I swept our kitchen floor or vacuumed our rugs in there. It's done now though. Counters are cleaned, dishes are washed, cupboards/fridge are full of food again ...yay! And since it might be a long time before our kitchen looks this nice again, I thought I better snap a few pictures. :) I also realized that I never did get around to posting pictures of the inside of our house after we moved in. So here's the kitchen, nice and clean ...

Maybe you'll eventually get a full tour of our house ... one room at a time. :) Hmm ... next up on the cleaning schedule would probably have to be the 3 bathrooms. Any takers on this job???!!!

Tonight I managed to get in a 2 mile run. I didn't have enough time to go to the fitness center, so I managed to take a running tour of our neighborhood. Running outside often gives me shin splints, so I'm praying that I don't wake up in pain tonight!

Ending with a sweet little face who is in bed sleeping so nicely right now ...

Jordyn was on my lap when I started this post earlier tonight ... and she wanted to help type ...
hgjyggnfc,tngn iuiu

She LOVES the computer! We may be getting her a Barbie computer soon. :)


Abby said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I need one of those grocery stores...I've never heard of a pick up lane!

Good for you to go running! Sometimes it just feels good to get out there and do it...if I can get myself off the couch:)

Your kitchen is beautiful!

Lauren Kelly said...

Your house is beautiful! So sparkling clean, and that precious face, you got to love her :)