Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures Galore!

Hi friends! We don't have a lot of news to share from the last 2 days. We are staying busy as usual. Yesterday we went to church, took naps, played outside, and I went for a run while Justin and Jordyn went for a walk (and they took shortcuts to meet up with me while I was running).

Here's a few pictures we took before church yesterday ...

I thought this picture of the three of us turned out pretty good considering Justin was taking it ... we managed to get Jordyn to look and give a little grin. :)
Today was beautiful outside ... but for the first time all summer I just couldn't get myself to go for a walk! What was I thinking?! Actually, my legs were a little sore from my run last night, and I had lots to do around the house today, so we just didn't get the walk in. We did get in a little pool time though. :) Tonight we had dinner with my 2nd grade teaching team! It was nice to see them again! Thanks Nancy, for hosting!

A few pictures from tonight ... Jordyn was worn out when we got home!
Check out this cute dress that Justin picked out!
Being silly!
Reaching for the camera ... before we know it, she'll be taking the pictures!
Swimming ... ha! Jordyn has NO interest in crawling. Should we be concerned? She ONLY wants to walk. In fact, she doesn't really even want to sit anymore. She cries and grunts until we help her stand and walk.
I just love these two ...

We have a busy day tomorrow, so it's time to sign off and head to bed! :)


Lauren Kelly said...

Seroiously, your family could not get any cuter!!! :O)

Lee Anne said...

Neither of mine crawled either. No stress, girl. She will crawl some because before she gets the comlpete grasp of walking, crawling will be faster...but she probably won't crawl much by the sounds of it!

Can you believe we ever have to go back to work? I just hate the thought of it. Your days sound very similiar to mine (minus the naps....don't need those anymore when your kids sleep past 9:00 am) and I could seriously do this all year long.

Lindsay said...

What a cute family you have. How old is your little one?? I have a tenth month old and she just started crawling last week. She's a lazy little thing.