Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, June 22, 2009

HOT Day!

Summer sure arrived with some very HOT weather! I'm not complaining though ... I love hot weather, and it is much better than the cold, rainy weather that we had for about 3 weeks straight.

Jordyn and I went on a long walk this morning. I love our morning walks. We left Gizmo home today - either he wasn't feeling well, or he was going through his day of depression like he always does after we've been at either my parent's house or Justin's parents' house. (since they each have a dog for Gizmo to play with)

Justin came home over lunch today so that I could go to the fitness center to get in a run and some weights. After my work out, Jordyn and I spent an hour playing in her pool. I love that we can put her pool on the deck, and half of the pool is in the shade, and half is in the sun. It works out perfectly! I also love that the pool completely wears her out, and she goes down for a nap as soon as she is changed and fed.

We had such a nice day! :) Sounds like we're in for some more hot weather tomorrow. We'll have to walk early again and spend some more time in the pool!

On a side note ... Jordyn's 1st tooth is starting to make an appearance! Other than chewing on everything and drooling constantly, she seems to be handling it just fine. I haven't taken a picture yet because it's just barely there.

Sorry - no pictures to share today. I'll share some soon though!


Lee Anne said...

Sounds like your days are getting into a nice summer groove. Can you imagine yourself ever teaching summer school again now that you have your baby? Never!! Ha!

Lauren Kelly said...

What a fun day!!! Girl, it's been hot here in Florida too!!!