Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yay for sun!

Hi Friends! We hope you are enjoying your weekend! I know that we're enjoying the fact that the weather has been nice! Yay for sun! :)

Last week was a busy one! Justin was out of town from Tuesday until Friday afternoon! Jordyn wasn't in her best mood while he was gone, so I was a little worn out. We did stay with my parents on Wednesday night. It was nice to get out of the house and have a few extra hands to play with Jordyn, especially since she wasn't in a great mood. On Thursday morning we went and saw my grandparents, and then we stopped at Justin's parents so that we could go on a walk with his mom and stop and see his dad at work. We were glad to have Daddy home on Friday afternoon. :)

Justin unpacked from his trip and then re-packed so that we could head to the lake for the weekend! We took Jordyn on a walk when we got here Friday night, and then relaxed. Yesterday Justin and I went for a run in the morning and we attempted to take Jordyn to the pool in the afternoon. Unfortunately, Jordyn was SO tired that she just screamed the whole time we were in the pool. I know she'll love the pool (when she's not tired). The pool here is about as warm as her bath water. (That's my kind of pool!) If the weather cooperates today, we'll try again. :) Justin's mom took her from the pool so that we could stay out a little longer - she said that Jordyn fell asleep immediately once her swimming suit was off. We know she was tired because she slept for 3 hours! We walked to the Wharf for dinner, and then we went on a boat ride to Arnold's Park. Justin needed Tropical Sno, and I needed a Nutty Bar. :) Jordyn loved Arnold's Park ... we didn't bring the stroller on the boat, so we just carried her around, and she thought was the best thing ever. She talked and giggled the entire time.

We're up early this morning and hoping for another nice day. :) We'll head home this afternoon. I will post pictures from the weekend later, but for now I have a few pictures that I took while Justin was gone. I didn't want him to miss any of Jordyn's smiles.

PS - We need to say Happy Anniversary to Justin's parents. Their anniversary was yesterday, but I didn't get the blog updated. They celebrated 28 years of marriage!
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. :)

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