Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

We woke up to rain again this morning ... which didn't put me in a great mood. I have been on summer break for a month already, and the weather has been so icky! Thank goodness the sun came out this afternoon. Jordyn and I went on a long walk in the very humid, but sunny weather. We were home long enough for me to feed her and change her diaper, and then we went on another walk - this time with Gizmo. We only went around the block (which is a little more than half a mile), because it was so humid, and Gizmo was looking miserable. When we got home he went right to the register on the floor to get some cool air.

Tonight Jordyn and I went to Kohls for a little while. Great get-a-way. :) Grandpa and Grandma Overman were there too, so Jordyn got some love from them.

Jordyn has been so giggly today. She talks (or I should say screams) at the top of her lungs ... it's so funny, however, my ears are ringing by the end of the day!

Here she is after our Kohls trip ... and yes, I dressed her in a dress just to go shopping. :)

Can you believe how big she is? The last 7 1/2 months have sure flown by!
Have a great night!


Jess :) said...

I really wanted to go walking, but you have way more tolerance than I do. I'm so NOT one who enjoys any amount of humidity. Not to mention, my hair shrinks up to my ears and I can't even get my fingers through it to even attempt to put it up!!

Anyways, I'm hoping for a nice day here sometime soon. I mean, I think I'm getting used to this 2 sunny days out of 31. And if you're reading this and you don't believe me...please, just trust me on this one. I'm also starting to wonder if my sister sent Seattle weather down to us!

Okay, I'll stop rambling. I'm super tired and FINALLY finished my last paper for my class. YAY! We'll talk soon because I'm dying to see you and give Jordyn lots of love!

Lyryn said...

We have been having terrible weather here too. I came across your blog and thought it was so sweet and I think your daughter is so adorable!