Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Friday ... Rehearsal

On Friday morning, Jordyn and I headed to Rock Rapids to help decorate for the reception. We had a lot of fun, and Jordyn did so well! She took a nap in her stroller while we there, and she also shared her talking voice with everyone! She just loves to talk!

We didn't stay the whole time to decorate, because we had to head back to SF to pack up and meet Justin, and then head back to RR and George.

Rehearsal went well! Unfortunately, I didn't take too many pictures. My sister has many on her camera though! Here's 2 quick pictures though ...
Grandpa Buzz and Jordyn ...
Jordyn was so content during rehearsal. She sat on the floor in the front of the church and played with her toys, Great Grandma Marlene, and Heather! The only thing she didn't like was the sound of the organ ... she's not a fan of loud noises.

We had the rehearsal dinner at my brother's house. They roasted a hog and had the dinner outside. We had such a fun time! After dinner we went to my parent's house for a little while. Jordyn was hilarious! She laughed for about an hour straight! She was wide awake. However, after 30 seconds in the car (going to Grandpa and Grandma Overman's house to sleep) she fell fast asleep. She must have known there was a big day ahead of her!

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