Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dancing the Night Away ...

If you haven't read below, there are 6 (yes, 6) other posts below from the wedding. These are in reverse order, so if you want to start at the beginning, you have to scroll all the way down. :)

We finally made it to the final wedding post ... dancing!

The bride and groom's first dance ...
Dancing with my brother!
Justin and Devin dancing!
I couldn't help but take a picture of this ... and I can't stop laughing at it! This is BJ and Devin's friend, Kayla. As you can tell, she is short ... and it was absolutely hilarious when she grabbed a chair so she could dance with BJ.
My dad and Devin. These two are absolutely hilarious when they are together.
A little Electric Slide from Justin ...
This is one of my favorite pictures ...
This is BJ with two of his friends, Jeremy and Clay. Jeremy and Clay are friends from New Mexico. BJ met them when he went to school there. Jeremy and his wife, Karrie, made the trip, as did Clay, and another friend, Joe. How fun for us to meet the friends that BJ always talks about! These three guys were so fun to watch doing the ChaCha Slide!

Here's Clay again ... and Jeremy and Karrie in the background ...
Clay and BJ ... Are you wondering about the cowboy hat? That was a gift from Devin's dad. Devin is from the cities, but she went to school at S. Dakota State University ... and she told her dad that she was going to go to school there so that she could find a cowboy! Well, BJ isn't exactly a cowboy, but her dad thought the hat would help turn him into one. :)
A little Electric Slide from Kayla and Clay ...
Do we look tired? This was the end of the night ... completely ready to crash!
This morning we got up and headed back to George to watch BJ and Devin open gifts. We didn't make it through all of it though because Jordyn had a melt down. She was due for one. After such a busy 2 days, showing smiles through the whole day, she was due for a full out melt down. We put her in the car and headed home - she slept the whole way. :) We were hoping she would sleep longer so that we could both get a quick nap in, but things didn't go that way. In fact, Jordyn fought a nap and cried for about 2 hours straight. We finally put back in the car, took a 20 minute ride and let her fall asleep that way. We have never had to do that before, but she was really fighting it today. Thankfully, she didn't wake up when we got home. We left her in her car seat, and we both took an hour nap. Yay!

BJ and Devin leave on their honeymoon in the morning. We hope they have a wonderful trip.

We just want to again Congratulate them. We are so happy that we could share in their special day!

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