Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Almost done!

Hi Friends! We hope that you had a wonderful day! I am down to one day left of my class ... YAY! I am taking a 7 x 7 of Native American History. This is a class that SD requires in order to have a teaching license. I am licensed in MN and IA too, but those states don't require the class, so I had to take within the first year of teaching here. I'll admit that I have learned some interesting information ... as Justin would say ... "ask Jess anything about Native Americans ... anything ... and she can probably tell you." I just have a hard time sitting in class for 7 hours, especially knowing it's summer and Jordyn is at daycare. I'm almost done though ... and honestly ... because of taking this class (and this would go for any class), I do not have plans to get my Masters anytime soon. I just can't handle sitting in class right now or the homework/projects that go along with it. I find my mind wandering to Jordyn, playing outside, going for walks, and my never-ending "to do" list.

Jordyn is doing well with her ear infection. You would never know she has one ... other than the blow outs. Again (as mentioned in the previous post), please say a prayer that she does not have a blow out on Saturday when she has her little princess dress on for BJ and Devin's wedding!

Jordyn had zero side effects from the shots yesterday - that's how she's been with each set of shots. She cries for 20-30 seconds, and then she's fine!

Tomorrow is Jordyn's last day of daycare for the summer! I may take her a couple of days in the next 2 months, but that's it! Jordyn really does like being at daycare ... she gets excited when we drop her off. Isn't that supposed to happen when they're older??!! I'm just happy that she likes it there. I think the workers are going to miss Jordyn ... they keep telling me they're sad that she'll be gone until August. We will definitely stop during the summer to say hi.

And finally ... just one picture tonight (because I haven't uploaded pictures from today) ... this was actually from Sunday, but I still wanted to share!
On a side note ... I have to two dear friends who have recently had miscarriages. Will you please pray for them?
Pilamaya! (That's Thank You in Lakota.)

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