Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, June 1, 2009

7 Months!

I didn't get this post written on the actual day, but on Saturday, Jordyn turned 7 months old! We cannot believe that she is 7 months old and how much she has grown! One of the best things ever is watching your child grow and develop ... we just wish time wouldn't go so fast! :) Jordyn continues to amaze us everyday!

We had a difficult time taking Jordyn's picture ... Gizmo thought he had to be in this one ...

Jordyn decided she didn't want to stand for this one ... and she plopped herself down.

In the last month Jordyn has ...

... learned to sit by herself.

... gone through a phase of disliking any guy that even looked at her (except Daddy of course).

... gotten over the phase of disliking any guy that looked at her.

... started talking in what we call "full sentences" - and she doesn't stop talking!

... started to say mama (except she doesn't realize that is what she is saying).

... decided that squash is not her favorite vegetable anymore - now it's carrots.

... really taken an interest in Gizmo. Jordyn and Gizmo are great friends!

... gone on her first boat ride.

... went swimming outside for the first time.

... gained a little bit of weight and now weighs about 16 1/2 pounds.

Unfortunately, Jordyn has also had an ear infection for the last 2 weeks. At her 6 month check up, we found out she had an ear infection ... 10 days on medicine didn't do the trick. I was so bummed today to find out that she will be on medicine for another 10 days - this time with an even stronger medicine. Yuck! The last one upset her tummy so bad ... I can hardly imagine what this one will do. Will you please pray for no blowouts on Saturday? (BJ and Devin's wedding) We're hoping she can stay in her little princess dress the whole day! :)

Jordyn also had her 6 month shots (at 7 months) today. She is one tough girl! She cried for 20 seconds, and then her smile came back to her face. Justin went to change her diaper tonight and take off the 3 band aids from the shots ... we thought she would let out a little cry, but instead she giggled the entire time! She cracks us up!

She's down for a nap right now, which means I should get a few things done.

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