Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The 3 of Us ... But Mostly Jordyn

Jordyn was incredibly happy the whole day of the wedding! Jordyn is a very content baby, but I would have never guessed things would go so smoothly! She was so happy and smiley the whole day. I can't wait to see the photographer's pictures ... they said she was smiling in every one of them!

BJ walked Jordyn down the aisle before the ceremony, and she sat in the front of the church for the whole ceremony. She was smiling and reading a book the whole time! She only cried when the organ played the last song for BJ and Devin to walk out - the loud noise scared her. Since Justin and I were both in the wedding, we just grabbed her as we were walking down the aisle, and she was fine.

Justin's parents took her to the reception ... thankfully she fell asleep on the way there and slept for about an hour and a half while they waited for the bridal party to arrive. Jordyn ate and was so happy at the reception. She got passed to many people, and she just kept smiling, laughing, and talking. (I'll post reception pictures later.)

Jordyn made it until about 9:15 at the reception. Then we sent her home with Justin's parents. She was still content at 9:15, but the noise from the music was starting to bother her. Justin's parents said when they got her home she just wanted to play on the floor. I don't blame her ... she was held and passed the entire day. Oh - side note ... no blow outs (yay!) and even no spit ups the WHOLE day of the wedding. (She saved that all for today ... actually, her reflux is getting better.)
Now for some pictures of our family of three!
How precious is this picture of Justin and Jordyn?
Trying on her new head band ...
Dressed in her princess dress!

Daddy and Jordyn

Our family
Mom and Jordyn
(More posts to come later ...)

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Jordan said...

Lucky you guys! A happy, smiley, beautiful baby! =]