Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A quick update!

Where have the last few days gone? I can hardly believe that it is already May 13, and we are down to 2 days left of school!

I had a great Mother's Day! We went to church with my family that morning and had lunch with my family. It was a very relaxing afternoon. Then we headed to Justin's parent's house for dinner. We had two great meals with our families, and it was wonderful to spend time with all of them!
What better way to spend Mother's Day than snuggling with my baby girl?

All dressed in pink ... and no, this wasn't planned ... as we were walking out of the house, I realized we were all dressed alike! :)

This week has been a little crazy trying to keep up on housework, finish up last minute things at school, completing report cards (they're done!), and trying to pack up my classroom to move to a different classroom in the building. Thankfully moving just down the hall is a lot easier than moving from a classroom in Minnesota to a classroom in South Dakota!

Now that summer break is almost here, I am getting very anxious for nice weather! We've had a few nice days, but this week has been yucky! We were supposed to do family pictures yesterday (my sister is taking them), but since the weather acted as though it was going to storm, we moved them to tomorrow night. Let's hope for a little warmer temp and no wind! Our plan was to do them at Falls Park - now we may be looking at doing them in our back yard to keep Jordyn out of the wind.
We're off to bed ... Good Night!


Jenna said...

Thank you! We are very excited!! :) Yes...I was trying to hint in that previous post that there was some exciting news coming...glad someone caught on...haha :)

Great family picture! That's exciting you only have two days left of school!! Hope you enjoy your summer and the warmer weather if it ever gets here! :)

Jordan said...

Cute family picture! :)