Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swimming Pool!

Jordyn had her first trip to the swimming pool today! (1st time to the outdoor pool ... she's been in an indoor pool already) We couldn't believe how well Jordyn did. :) The pool we went to has the zero depth entry, so we just had her sit at the entrance of the pool. We brought along a few toys (no floaties allowed) and just let her play. She cried for about 30 seconds since the water was a little cool, but then she was fine.

Here's Jordyn ready for the pool! Justin and I cannot stop laughing about this picture! Just as I took the picture, she leaned forward, and it makes her head look really big ... in fact, it kind of looks like I cropped her head from a different picture into this one. We can't help but laugh. :)
Gotta love the baby bikini and board shorts!

Arriving at the pool. The sunglasses lasted all of 3 seconds.
Playing in the pool.
She needed her paci in the pool too ... helped to make her feel safe.
After playing in the pool, Justin and Jordyn relaxed in the shade so that Mom could get a little sun.

We had so much fun at the pool. Jordyn was so happy and content! We can't wait to go back!

Our whole weekend has been fun! Last night Justin and I went to a baseball game (the game wasn't overly exciting), but we were with our friends, Brad and Ashley and another friend that Justin went to high school with. Justin and Brad are part of the Young Professionals Network in SF (which has many members), but they had an outing last night at the Canaries game. We had the party deck in outfield ... I can't say we really watched any of the game, but we sure had a great time socializing! My parents watched Jordyn for the evening, and it was nice to just have a little time for the two of us! We had a great time!

Today we went to the pool, went on a walk, took a nap, did a little shopping, and had dinner with my parents. I'm not sure who's more exhausted ... Jordyn or the two of us! :)

We hope that your weekend has been great and that you are enjoying some wonderful summer weather too!


Lee Anne said...

Love the swimsuit! All the fun summer things are just ahead for you guys!

You evening at the game sounds nice too. Need to do that once in awhile!

Hope your Sunday is awesome as well.

Jordan said...

Awww love her bathing suit! It looks like she had a ton of fun!! =]