Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Wonderful Weekend!

I took a little blogging break this weekend because we did some traveling. We are home now, and a little worn out, but we had a wonderful 3-day weekend! This might seriously be one of my longest posts ever, so brace yourself! :) But since this is a journal about our family that I will eventually be printing, I have to write it all down.
On Friday after work, Justin, Jordyn, and I headed to Owatonna. We had not been there since Jordyn was six weeks old, and we couldn't wait to see our MN friends again! We got to Owatonna at about 10:00 on Friday night. Jordyn did GREAT in the car. She slept the entire 3 1/2 hours, so we did not stop to feed or change her. We stayed at my friend Janeen's house on Friday night. Of course we (including Jordyn) stayed up way too late on Friday night, but we had a great time chatting. Since Jordyn had taken such a long nap in the car, she wasn't ready for bed until about 11:30. It was so much fun to be at Janeen's house. (Thanks so much for letting us stay!) Here's a quick picture of Jordyn on Saturday morning after she ate. We just bought the tray that goes with the Bumbo chair ... what an easy way to make a high chair for traveling!
We got up on Saturday morning and headed down to the From the Heart race. This was a half marathon/5K race for my friend, Jen's sister who passed away last month. There were over 700 participants! Incredible! We had such a wonderful time down at the race - we saw so many of our friends! It was so wonderful to see so many people who have had such an impact on our lives ... and it was so much fun for everyone to meet Jordyn! What an incredible blessing to have so many friends that care about us even after having moved 10 months ago. My heart jumped for joy each time I got a hug from another friend.

After the race, we went out to eat with some of my teacher friends. There were about 10 other teachers and their families that joined us. How wonderful! We enjoyed having time to talk with them, but as always, the time was too short.
Here's my friend Justin playing with Jordyn.
Greg and Riley with Jordyn.
Here's my good friend, Nichole, her son Ethan, and also her mom in the background. Ethan was playing peek-a-boo with Jordyn.
Here's Aiden holding Jordyn. He got to hold Jordyn when she was 6 weeks old. He does such a great job!
Ethan had a turn to hold her too.
More snuggle time with Auntie Nichole.
After lunch, we decided to drive by our old house and neighborhood. We also decided to stop by Jamie and Lindsey's house. They knew we were coming to town, but they had plans and weren't sure if they would be around ... we decided to stop by ... and they were home! It was so beautiful outside so we sat on their patio for a while and chatted with them. Then we were off to the outlet mall for just a little while. We had to make a stop at the Carter's store! :) Maybe it's a good thing that I don't live close to that store anymore ... it would be a little hard on the credit card!

Then ... back to Jamie and Lindsey's. We had plans to go to a Twins game with our friend, Josh, and Jamie and Lindsey decided to join us too! Off to the cities ... do you think we're exhausted yet?! Did I mention that Jordyn was doing absolutely great after a long car ride Friday night, stroller rides on Saturday morning, and being passed around to many people? She is such a sweetie!
Off to the Twins game ... after we made it through a little detour to find a gas station for Jamie and Lindsey. We would just like to thank Josh for the extra 15 minute tour we got of Lakeville on Saturday.

The next two pictures are kind of small, but in order to get in the whole Twins team, I had to take the picture from far away? Can you tell who is the newest member of the Twins??!! :)
Josh also wanted to be part of the team. :)
We were very excited about taking Jordyn to her first Twins game! Justin had gotten her some new pink Twins clothes! We thought she looked pretty cute! It was also Dairy Queen hat night, and Jordyn even got a hat! She thought it would be fun to eat it.

Jordyn and Lindsey
We had pretty good seats, but not great for taking a picture. I did have to get a picture of Joe Mauer batting though. :) Sorry, Lee Anne - you asked for a picture Punto, but I just didn't have a good angle of the short stop.
This was after about 4 hours of sitting ... check out our silly little girl!

Jordyn did great during the Twins game! Not only are baseball games a little long sometimes, this one went into extra innings ... did I mention that we sat at the game for nearly 5 hours? That also meant I had to feed Jordyn a couple of times. I wasn't overly thrilled about figuring out how to feed her in the dome ... thankfully, I asked some workers, and they took me back to some nice offices to use! They were very accommodating!
We were so proud of Jordyn for how well she did at the game. She sat so well. I took her out a couple of times just to stand and walk around with me, but other than that, she did great! She even managed to take a little nap while were there.

Unfortunately, we had to see a Twins loss. I'm telling you, it is pretty much guaranteed that if I am at a game, the Twins will lose. I have been to many games, but I have only seen about two or three wins. We had fun even though we saw a loss.
After the game (by now it's about 11:00) we headed to the car. We have never really had to sit in traffic after a Twins game for more than 10-15 minutes. I don't know ... maybe we just always get lucky? Not the case this time! We sat in traffic for almost one hour (and only moved about 5 blocks during that time). We got back to Owatonna, dropped Josh off at his car, and headed to his place which is in Dodge Center. By this point, we are completely exhausted and just want to get into bed. As if we weren't already up late enough ... we were stopped by a train that was literally 4 miles long on our way to Dodge Center. I have never seen a train so long. It wasn't moving quickly either, so we had a lovely 10 minutes to sit and wait ... and wait ... and wait … and wish even more that we were in bed sleeping. And of course there were swear words completely nice words coming out of our mouths during this time too. :)

We finally made it to Dodge Center a little after 1 AM. Once we got in the house, Jordyn decided she was ready to play! She was not at all ready for bed. I didn’t blame her one bit though. Her whole day was spent in a car seat, stroller, or being held by 15+ people. She was not a fan of the pack and play on Saturday night, so for the whole 5 hours that we got to sleep, guess where she slept? Right in the middle of us. Did we really get 5 hours of sleep? That is pretty much a NO!

On Sunday morning we went to the church we attended and were members of in Owatonna. We had a great time, and again, we got to see so many friends. Justin and I were high school youth group sponsors, so we even got to see a few of our high schoolers. :) Jordyn got to meet Pastor Dean after church ... she loved giving him smiles!

After church we hit the road again. So far we've gone from Sioux Falls to Owatonna to Minneapolis to Owatonna to Dodge Center to Owatonna ... now on to Okoboji! Both of our families were in Okoboji, so that was our next stop. Jordyn slept most of the way, but she cried pretty hard for the last 20 minutes. We stopped to get her out for a little while, and she was hot. She had a fever and was miserable. After some Motrin, she calmed down, but she hasn't been herself for the last 24 hours. Do you blame her though? Her parents have had her in the car for about 12 hours over the last 3 days. What were we thinking?! :)
We went to Justin's parent's condo at Okoboji. Justin and his dad spent some time on their new boat, while his mom, my mom, and Devin hung out at the condo and let Jordyn entertain us. My dad and my brother were fishing in a bass tournament for the day. We did go to the weigh in of the tournament, then a short walk since it was beautiful outside, and then dinner with Justin's parents. Justin's parents took off for home, and we stayed the night. We both took today off since we knew that the weekend would wear us out, and we just needed a day to relax.
A few pictures from Okoboji ... Here's Justin and Jordyn reading her Elmo book.
Playing in the high chair at Grandpa and Grandma's condo. She loves the football!
On our walk this morning.

We are now HOME! Yay! Our weekend was fabulous, but it is always nice to be home too. I know that I am ready for my bed, and I am pretty sure that Jordyn is ready for her crib. She did not care for the pack and play any of the three nights. She likes to move, and she just didn't have enough room ... and add to that, teething, a cold/cough/slight fever, and no poop (yep, I just said that) since last Friday, you can about imagine how happy our little girl was last night. :)

She has been such a happy little girl though since we got home, and she is back to her own bed, her swing, her Exersaucer, and high chair. It's amazing to me how much a 6 month old knows "normal" and knows our house.

I believe that my book for tonight is complete. Thanks for reading. :) We're off to bed to get ready to start our work week tomorrow. Only 9 days of school left!!! (again, who's counting though?) Good night!


Lee Anne said...

I understand...sometimes Punto gets shy, and only poses for me. So, don't feel bad. :)

Man, you have one happy little girl! And a you and Justin are amazing for traveling all those miles this weekend. I am tired just reading it! You have some great memories though, which is what matters.

Hope the fever was just a fluke.

Good to see you and i am glad you got to see so many old friends!

Lee Anne

Lauren Kelly said...

HOW FUN!!!!!! Exhausting, but fun!!! LOVED the pictures!! :)