Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Incredibly Nasty

The Good: We had a nice, relaxing 3-day weekend! On Friday night we met up with my parents for dinner, and then spent some time at their house. Then we were off to Justin's parent's condo at the lakes.

Here's a few pictures from Friday ... Jordyn and Grandma Ronda
Reading with Grandpa Buzz
Reading with Grandpa Marlin
(somehow I missed pictures with Jordyn and Grandma Shelli ... so sorry!)
We got up Saturday morning and Justin and I went for a run! I am a treadmill runner, not an outdoor runner - and Justin has a hard time running because of the surgeries he has had on his knee and ankle. We have never really gone for a run together, but we made it! Yay! We went on a couple of walks with Jordyn throughout the day, because that was about the only thing that would put her to sleep.

On Sunday morning we went on another walk with Jordyn, and then headed off to church. We went to the church camp where my sister works. (She works there just in the summer on the camp staff.) It is always fun to join her on Sunday mornings for worship. (Please check "The Incredibly Nasty" down below to see how church went.) After church we headed back to the condo, ate lunch with Justin's family, and then tried so hard to get Jordyn down for a nap. There was too much excitement happening, and she fought hard to not take a nap. So ... we tried a boat ride! Jordyn's first boat ride was successful! She fell asleep immediately, so we kept going until she woke up 2 hours later! On Sunday night my sister came over and hung out with us at the condo. We are so glad she came over for a little while!

Daddy and Jordyn on her first boat ride! (Don't baby life jackets just look so uncomfortable???)
Sleeping on her first boat ride! (And don't worry, we had her covered to be out of the sun ... we just uncovered her for this picture.)
Aunt Kayla came to play!
Today Justin and I left for about an hour to do a little shopping. Jordyn went on a walk with Grandpa and Grandma while we were gone. While Jordyn napped after lunch, Justin and I went and sat by the pool to work on the start of our summer tans. :)

The Bad: Jordyn is still battling her ear infection. She has been fussy, tugging at her ears, and clearly just not feeling well. Jordyn has also decided that she doesn't really like men ... other than her daddy. (maybe that's a good thing?!?! :)) She screams at the sight of a guy! Thankfully, she's slowly getting over this - it's been a rough 5 days of men-hating! She has also decided that she's not totally interested in eating! Yikes! That's not like her ... when I feed her she just gets very distracted. She wants to look around and play, yet she's starving! We decided to try some formula. She screamed through pretty much the whole bottle with Justin, but she did eat it. As for her fruits, veggies, and cereal - she likes them, but she is just too interested in looking around the house to try and eat! I am hoping this changes real soon!

The Incredibly Nasty: Due to the ear infection, Jordyn has to take a really strong medicine. Unfortunately, this causes her to have an upset stomach. She had not one ... not two ... not three ... not four ... but FIVE blowouts from Friday night until tonight. Besides five blowouts, I think we have changed 7 other nasty diapers. Talk about a lot diapers ... a lot of laundry ... and a very sad little girl. (Don't worry, she has showed many smiles too! :)) Do you want to hear two incredibly nasty stories?! (if not, discontinue reading now ... don't worry, no pictures to document this)

Church was going so well yesterday. Jordyn was very happy, so we just left her in her car seat. She was content, giggling, and playing with her toys. At the end of the sermon, I asked Justin to take her out of her car seat because I knew that I was going to need to feed her and change her soon. He took her out and handed her over - as he handed her over, I thought she felt a little wet ... as I looked at her, I realized that she had pooped ALL over herself AND the car seat. Thankfully we were at the back of the church so I wrapped her in a blanket and ran out the door with her ... and made Kayla follow me with the diaper bag and car seat. I don't think that I have ever cleaned up such a mess! On a side note - I think I found a new stain remover ... dish soap! Since we were at the church camp in the REC hall (that's where I ran with Jordyn and Kayla), there wasn't laundry detergent to dump on her clothes, so I had to be creative ... dish soap!

Tonight when we got back to our house, I put Jordyn in her high chair to feed her green beans. She was struggling to eat them, because she wanted to watch Gizmo. I would give her a few bites, let her take a break, and the come back and feed her a little more. I walked away for a couple of minutes, and when I came back I noticed that she had some spots on her shirt (of course not on the bib), and I just assumed that she spit up some of her green beans. I kept feeding her, and when she was done, I let her play in her high chair because that is one of her favorite things to do. After about 15 minutes, I decided it was time to change her diaper - only to realize that what I thought was spit up ... was another blowout! Now tell me, how does it get all the way up her chest, but hardly anything in her diaper?! I would love for someone to explain this to me. Justin was outside mowing, so I started hollering out the window for him. This was bad enough that I needed an extra set of hands. Once we got the clothes off (Justin really just wanted to cut them off ... I said no ... the shirt was too cute) she went right in the tub!

Finally, The Good:
I can't end on a nasty note, so I will end with some cute pictures. :)

Playing in the high chair at Grandpa and Grandma's.

Our happy little girl ... Jordyn was so excited to be in her own house and to play in her exersaucer!
We hope your weekend was wonderful!


Dandelion Momma said...

Oh, Jessica. You are bringing back memories. Josh actually did cut Logan out an outfit once. He didn't want to pull it up over his head and have to wash it all out of his hair. But then again, Josh cut the feet off of footed PJs thinking they would fit longer that way. He forgot that Logan's torso grows taller too, not just his legs! Daddies certainly have a way of being creative parents, though! In a McGyver kind of way...

Lee Anne said...

Wow! Sorry she is having such a horrible reaction to that med. Maybe mention that next time so they can try something different. NOT FUN! Sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend despite the bad diapers! Still so jealous that you are done with school.....

Katie said...

Is Jordyn teething? That also made nasty blowout diaper in our kids. And Damean got an ear infection everytime he popped a tooth. We could always tell by the smell. Teething poop has a small of it's own.