Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

6 Month (almost 7 Month) Wellness Check

Jordyn was finally able to have her 6 month wellness check today ... even though she's closer to 7 months. :) If you remember, Jordyn had her 4 month wellness check and shots late due to an ear infection. Since you have to wait at least 8 weeks in between shots, her 6 month appointment got pushed back.

Jordyn started to get a little fussy the second we walked into the clinic. Maybe she already realizes that doctor visits aren't fun. (especially after all of the RSV appointments and xrays she had!) She cried so hard for the nurse who was measuring her head, and she cried the whole time she was measured and weighed. In fact, she cried so hard that she peed all over the scale, the counter, and herself - I knew that would happen since she was so upset. This is not like Jordyn at all. We could not calm her down!

She was fussy while we waited for her doctor to come in the room. Even having her daddy dance and sing the Elmo song didn't do the trick today!

Her doctor came in, checked her out and said that Jordyn's stats were all great! She is 16.5 pounds and 25.8 inches long ... both in about the 50th percentile. :)

Unfortunately, Jordyn has an ear infection ... which might explain why she was crying so hard at the clinic. She hasn't really been fussy at home - just a few times here and there, but we honestly thought it was just her teeth. She hasn't had a fever, she wasn't tugging at her ears ... but she has an ear infection. So, once again, the shots have been delayed, and Jordyn is on an antibiotic for the next 10 days.

I am just feeling so bad about this. I feel horrible that she has an ear infection, but that Justin and I didn't take her to the doctor! She has been acting fine, except for the time we spent at the clinic today. Poor girl!

Right now Jordyn is sleeping ... she really needs to eat too, but I'll just let her rest! I have some pictures to share, but I think I will post them later. Have a nice afternoon ... and if you're in the midwest, don't blow away!

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Katie Spinks said...

thanks for stopping by I love having new friends... thanks also for the prayers they are much much needed. Your little girl is so sweet such a cutie!!