Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring is finally arriving!

My sister, Kandi, took this adorable picture of Jordyn. Isn't Kandi going to make a great photographer??!! (oh wait, she already does!)
According to the calendar, spring arrived about a month ago ... according to the actual weather, it is finally arriving in South Dakota! We have had a few gorgeous days! Yesterday we (myself, Jordyn, and Gizmo) got out for a walk. Lesson of the day: Don't attempt walking a dog who thinks he's in control while pushing a stroller. We made it about a mile before I nearly lost my sanity ... and nearly lost control over either the dog or the stroller.
We had another beautiful day today - this time I waited for Justin to get home before we went on our walk. An extra set of hands make things much easier! I LOVE going on walks, and I just feel like I am in such a better mood with such wonderful weather. We even grilled tonight, and I just love the smell of grilling! Summer is right around the corner. (I think we have 23 days left of school ... but who's counting, right?!)
We just got down with Jordyn's bath (after a major blow out), only for her to spit up green beans all over her clean PJ's ... but I wouldn't complain or change things for a second! (and now it's time to sign off because she has just spit up 3 more times ... time for more clean PJ's)


Jordan said...

That is an adorable picture of Jordyn!

Jess :) said...

Oh, Kandi did a FABULOUS job!! It's just precious. :)

I'm glad Justin got to go with you on the walk, tonight. Next week...I'm going with you and Jordyn! It'll be so fun!

And, yes, there are ONLY 23 days left!! But like you said...who's counting?!?! ;)

See you in the morning!

Lauren Kelly said...

What a PRECIOUS picture and YAY for good weather :)

Abby said...

That picture is precious!

Lawn Rangers for Terry said...

What a beautiful little girl! We think she may just as good looking as her mommy and daddy!
Hugs and kisses all around! Sure do enjoy checking in with you on your blog!