Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Little Reader!

Have I ever mentioned how much Jordyn loves to read? The girls at daycare even talk about it! My parents stopped by for a couple of hours yesterday ... and they brought Jordyn a new book. And not only did they bring a new book, they brought an Elmo book. (Jordyn LOVES Elmo!) She was just in love with this book! In the last 24 hours, I bet that we have read this book 20 times!

Taking a break from reading to give Mom a quick smile for the camera.
After Jordyn eats, we usually leave her in her high chair for about 20 minutes. She loves to play with toys, but mostly, she loves to look at books. Justin got the camera out while I was getting ready for church this morning. (and no, we didn't put the book in her hands, she picked it up, held it the right way, and acted like she was really reading)

She does enjoy eating her books as well. :)

Jordyn had a rough night last night (has something to do with the weekends). For some reason on the weekends, she just wants to be held at night. So, once again, Jordyn and I cuddled almost the whole night on the couch. Cuddling is worth losing a little sleep to me. :) She was bright-eyed this morning, and very silly before church. Finally, during church and on the way home, she fell asleep! Mom even got in a 2 hour nap today!!!! I couldn't resist a quick picture of her sleeping and snuggling with her favorite bear!

We had a wonderful weekend! (minus Jordyn's sleeping last night) We relaxed quite a bit yesterday and took a little trip to the mall last night to get out of the house. Today we went to church, relaxed a lot this afternoon, and had some guests stop by tonight! Justin's grandparents stopped by after church ... and they brought us ice cream sundaes! Yum!!

Back to another work week tomorrow ... can you believe we only have 3 more Monday's left of school!?! Have a great week!

(PS ... This week is National Infertility Week ... please pray for those couples/families who are wanting children. We are feeling so completely blessed this year, but we are in prayer for those families who are dealing with infertility.)


Lee Anne said...

She's such a sweetie! Gotta love a visual learner. You'll have to take her to Sesame Street Live when she gets older. We went twice and it's the best.

Lauren said...

Such a smart girl! She is so photogenic. ;)