Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

It has once again been a busy week, so I'm behind on updating. Justin has had meetings until 7 the last two nights and has another tomorrow, so we are both worn out ... and add to that a little girl who didn't sleep well Saturday night, Sunday night, or Monday night. Each night is gradually getting a little better (last night was almost back to normal of sleeping the whole night), so I am hopeful that tonight will be great!
Jordyn's teeth are very much bothering her. My parents were here last night for a little while to help out, and she just cried because of pain. We just felt so badly for her. She is chewing so hard on anything we give her. She loves cold teething rings, but what she loves even more are her daddy's cold popsicles! She kept grabbing it from his hands tonight and putting it in her mouth. She cried when he took it away from her. Thank goodness for Motrin! We have also been told about a pill that is good for teething. We will have to check that out! Through the pain though, she continues to be so very happy! :)

This picture was taken last night. Gizmo and I got home from a walk to find Jordyn on the floor with Justin in only her diaper. I knew exactly what that meant! I was just thrilled that Justin had to change the diaper for once. :) He got her cleaned up, but we put her right in the tub as soon as I got home.
We are loving the beautiful weather! Jordyn and I walked about 2 miles today. Since I wanted to go on a little longer walk today, we left Gizmo home. I didn't think I could handle the stroller and dog for 2 miles today. We are supposed to have beautiful weather again tomorrow - yay!
We hope you're enjoying the great weather as much as we are!

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