Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Go Tar Heels!

We are pretty excited for the UNC game at the Overman house. (Or maybe I should just say that I am ... Justin isn't really a UNC fan.) So ... it's a snowy day, we might be getting a little bored, so humor me and look at the pictures we took a little while ago in preparation for the big game!
Doesn't Jordyn look cute and excited in Mommy's UNC practice jersey?
UNC family pictures ... yes, we know Justin has the wrong sport, but I only have 2 basketball jerseys (and my football jersey is very big - loved wearing it when I was pregnant), so Justin had to wear the football one.
Taking family pictures with the camera timer isn't very easy. :)
Mommy and Jordyn - go Tar Heels!
Wrong sport Dad - we're watching basketball. (and PS - I am NOT a football, Dad!)

Hoping for a Tar Heel win! :)

(PS - There are 2 new posts below this one ... snow days are good for something, right??!! :))


Lauren Kelly said...

I loved all those pictures Jessica! Jordyn is just TOO precious!!!!

Guy and Julie said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to share and comment about infertility. I'm so encouraged by stories of success!! Your little girl is so sweet.

Jordan said...

I'm with ya! I have UNC going all the way for my bracket. Jordyn is so cute in that jersey! =]