Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jordyn's 1st Easter!

Last year at Easter, we made this announcement to our families ...And wow ... have our lives ever changed! We have been incredibly blessed!
Our Easter was VERY busy, but we had a wonderful day! We went to church with Justin's family today. Jordyn did great and almost made it through the whole service. The service was a little longer than normal today, so after 1 hour, Jordyn just decided she needed more space than a church pew. So, Jordyn and I joined the 20 other parents and babies in the back of the church for the remainder of the service. :) She never cried, she was just super squirmy and making noises. I was proud of her for getting through most of the service! She was awake through the whole thing - so 1 hour of quietness was pretty good!!
Here's some pictures of our sweet baby girl in her Easter outfit. I can't tell you how excited I was to get her all dressed up! She loved being dressed up and she was so HAPPY the WHOLE day!

After church, feeding Jordyn, and a diaper change, we managed to squeeze in a few quick pictures. I wanted some pictures for 1) Jordyn looked super cute and was super happy and 2) Darin moves to Ohio this week so we needed 1 last set of pictures before his big move!
Standing in between two guys that are both about 6' 6'' makes me look super short ... and to make it worse, they were both wearing shoes, and I was not! (I'm not quite as short as the picture makes me look!)

Here's Grandpa Marlin & Grandma Shelli with Jordyn.

Uncle Darin & Jordyn
Giving Uncle Darin his good bye hug.
Just got done with a diaper change ... and eating her sweater. :)
Then we were off to my mom and dad's for lunch! My immediate family was there ... which seems to be growing very quickly ... and my grandparents also joined us for lunch. We had a great lunch! Thanks, Mom, for such a yummy lunch. (and I guess BJ helped too :))
Here's Grandpa Buzz & Grandma Ronda with Jordyn.
Uncle BJ & Aunt Devin with Jordyn (starting to get a little squirmy in this picture)
Jordyn & Mommy
Aunt Kandi & Aunt Kayla with Jordyn
Eric & Aunt Kandi with Jordyn (at this point, Jordyn just wanted to play by herself and chew on anything that would fit in her mouth)
Great Grandma Marlene & Jordyn - she was fascinated with this egg!
After lunch, it was time for the annual VanBriesen egg hunt! Yep, even though we're all grown up, all the kids (ages 21-28) headed outside for the egg hunt. My parents make up clues and then all together we have to figure it out to find the next clue. Our last clue always leads to our Easter baskets. (yep, we still get Easter baskets)
Here's Justin and Kandi - and no, they didn't find the egg. They were in the wrong spot ...
... But the rest of the family (even Jag!) knew where to look!
Our egg hunt was so much fun. We had a good laugh before the egg hunt ... my dad some of the "newcomers" (AKA Devin & Eric) might not know some of the clues. We laughed because I guess Justin isn't a "newcomer" anymore ... he's been a part of our family for almost 10 years! We told Devin and Eric that it was "newcomers" vs. "oldcomers" for the egg hunt. :)
Our last clue was "Precious Moments." Everyone was thinking the Precious Moments dolls in the house ... but I reminded them that precious moments (memories) take place in the house ... and sure enough, Jordyn was waiting inside as our precious moment. :)

After our afternoon at my mom and dad's, we headed to Justin's grandparent's for dinner. We played a game of Tripoley and ate another delicious meal! (Thanks, Helen!)

Now we're home, Jordyn is sleeping, and we are exhausted! Jordyn managed to get through the day with less than 2 hours of naps, but she was still full of smiles the entire day! Thankfully, once we got home, got her fed and changed, she was off to bed! She had a busy day, but she seemed to love every minute of it!

We hope that your Easter was wonderful, and that you were able to reflect on the true reason for celebrating such a special day!


Jordan said...

Looks like you guys had a great Easter! Love Jordyn's dress, she's such a pretty baby! =]

The Ginskeys said...

Great pictures. It's so great getting all of those family pictures. Love Jordyn's dress. She looks adorable. With the way you were starting of the blog, I got all excited thinking you were making another "announcement"! ;)

Lee Anne said...

I thought the same thing as Stacey! Another baby!!

I love Jordyn's Easter dress! So sweet. Must be so fun shopping for a girl!

Hope you have a great week! Miss you guys!

Lauren Kelly said...

WOW, what a busy and fun-filled day and she looked precious in her Easter outfit :o)