Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

E for Effort!

On Monday I felt like having pancakes for dinner. I don't often feel like breakfast food for dinner, but when I do, Justin takes advantage of it, because he loves it! I needed to feed Jordyn, and then I told Justin I would start dinner after that. He told me he wanted to make pancakes and eggs all by himself ... no help at all from me. He told me that I couldn't give him any directions. So ... he began to make pancakes. If only I had been prepared with the camera for Pancake Round 1 - unfortunately, I didn't get that picture, but let me tell you, it was a disaster! After making a mess of the griddle, a pan, a spatula, and the entire counter and island, round #1 did not turn out ... at all! In fact, Justin scraped them off of the griddle after 30 seconds and threw them away ... only for him to say ... "why didn't you tell me that would happen?" Remember he asked for no help at all!!!
He then started Round 2 ... and by this point I'm laughing so hard ... his first comment was "you cannot blog about this" ... which totally made me run for the camera! I attempted to get a picture, but he put his arm in the way ...
(Notice the mess on the griddle?)
Round #3 went much better, and of course, the pancakes tasted great! Third time was definitely a charm!

A great comparison ... Round 1 was in the garbage, Round 2 on the left, and Round 3 on the right! :)

Justin gets and E for Effort ... actually, they really did taste good! :) I love Justin's willingness to try anything ... what I didn't love was the mess left to be cleaned up through the whole kitchen. Definitely good for a laugh though!

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