Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby Shower!

Today was Jordyn's last baby shower! The staff at John Harris threw Jordyn and two other babies a shower. We had so much fun, and Jordyn did great the whole time! She was sure passed around, but she didn't seem to mind one bit! :) She's such a trooper!

I left school early today to get Jordyn from daycare - and we got back to school in time for my students to see Jordyn. They hadn't seen her since she was 5 weeks old, so they were so excited. I show them pictures about every day, but they hadn't seen her in person for a while! They were so cute when I took her out of her car seat. What amazed me most was how much the boys in my class loved her. Jordyn was drooling a little, and one of the little boys said "That's okay, Mrs. Overman ... she's still cute even if she drools." Another little boy ... "She's the cutest little girl ever!" I let the kids tickle her feet (they thought that was great ... and that kept them from touching her hands with their germy hands) ... and of course Jordyn let out some giggles. She was loving all the attention!
I have a few pictures from the shower today ...
Here's Jess & Jordyn ... Jess is one of my 2nd grade teammates.
Lisa & Jordyn ... Lisa is the ULE teacher and a great lunch buddy!

Robyn & Jordyn ... Robyn is another 2nd grade teammate, and her dad is also Jordyn's pediatrician!

Jordyn, Michelle, & Anne ... Michelle is a 3rd grade teacher and Anne is a 1st grade teacher.
Jordyn & Mommy
Jordyn & Mommy, Lindy & Lenyx (she is 5 weeks old), Robyn & Cason (he is 3 months old)
The shower wore Jordyn out! She crashed when we got home ... and notice she's sleeping on her tummy? For some reason she has decided in the last 3 days that she likes her tummy! (I am now even more thankful for the angel breathing monitor since she's sleeping in her crib and likes to roll in the middle of the night.)
Just finished with bath time and ready for bed.

Good Night!


Lauren Kelly said...

How cute, loved the pics and I had no idea you worked with Jess :o)

Jess :) said...

I just saw that you posted about the shower!!! LOVE the pics!! Plus, holding Jordyn yesterday was the best thing ever! You know how much I love her. :)

It's an absolute blessing to have you here at JHE and that you are willing to share your precious little peanut with us!!!

Love ya

Jordan said...

Aww! Love the 2nd picture of Jordyn, so cute!