Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Wonderful Day!

Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes that you sent me over email, facebook, or in comments on the blog! I enjoyed hearing from all of you! I had a wonderful 26th birthday yesterday!

My day at school was great – the kids were very well behaved, and we accomplished so much for a Monday! I received these beautiful flowers at school from my friends, Nichole and Janeen. I miss these two wonderful friends so much.
My students couldn’t figure out how I got flowers all the way from Owatonna! (The concept or ordering flowers didn’t make sense to them.) The flowers brightened my classroom, and now they are brightening my kitchen! Thanks so much, Nichole and Janeen!

After work it was absolutely beautiful outside! I hurried to pick up Jordyn from daycare so that we could go on a walk. I quickly changed clothes, put Jordyn in the stroller, hooked Gizmo up to the leash, and was incredibly excited that Devin pulled into the driveway just as we were ready for our walk. An extra set of hands to help with Gizmo on the walk was great! It’s great having a live-in baby-sitter for both Jordyn and Gizmo! :) Unfortunately, Devin will only be staying with us for a few more days. We will miss having her with us each day!

After our walk, Justin and I headed to Applebee’s for dinner, while Devin baby-sat Jordyn. Then it was off to my birthday present … Justin arranged for me to get a one hour hot stone massage at a wonderful spa here in town.

I had been to this spa once before, but it had been a couple of years – we were still living in MN at the time, but were home visiting our families the last time I went. The massage was wonderful – much needed! It was wonderful to have one hour for just ME in absolute silence (other than the very relaxing music in the room).

Turning 26 isn't all that bad. :)

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