Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, March 13, 2009

Is it summer yet?

We are anxiously awaiting summer! It is supposed to be super nice this weekend, so I guess that will have do until spring and summer actually arrive! :)
We have been busy getting Jordyn's summer wardrobe ready. She is one very spoiled little girl. First of all, I have to say that her dad is way worse than I am. He came home again today with gifts for both of us ... look at this adorable Ralph Lauren dress he bought her for the summer ... You should have seen the excitement in his eyes when he walked in the door with gifts for us! (He bought me Ugg sandals ... an early Birthday gift - I didn't even know they made those! I can't believe the things he finds for us!) He's so sweet!
Tonight we ran to Kohls for a little while ... more so just to get out of the house. Well, our first stop in the store was of course the baby section! I have been so excited about getting some summer dresses for Jordyn. The only dress she has worn (besides baptism) is her Christmas dress. I would have loved to have dressed her more dresses, but with the RSV, we had a difficult time leaving the house for church, so I just decided not to buy dresses. (Plus the breathing monitor would have been a little more difficult with tights.) Anyway, what was supposed to be a little shopping trip, turned into us buying half of the baby section!

Here is Jordyn picking out dresses. We told her she could pick out 2 of the 3 - she has great taste! (She eventually tried to chew on one of them ... Justin said "You bite it, you buy it!")
Here are the two that she picked - won't she look adorable this summer??
This isn't from tonight (it was actually from last Friday's shopping trip), but check out this adorable swimming suit with board shorts. I hate to admit it, but Jordyn actually has 3 swimming suits already for summer! I hope she likes the pool!!!! If not, she'll just look cute out by the water. :)
More clothes from tonight ... shorts, skirt, capris, shirt ... there's more too, just not in the picture. Just a little spoiled, I think.
Cute swimming suit cover-up. She also has hot pink Crocs that will match this perfectly! She got the Crocs for Christmas from her Uncle Darin.
Another dress. :)
We are just relaxing tonight. Jordyn is taking a little nap right now, so we're watching a movie. Oh how I love the weekend!

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Dandelion Momma said...

Girl clothes are so much more fun than boy clothes! I love the bright blue dress she picked! How fun! :)