Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baptism (Part 1)

"He took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them." Mark 10:16
Jordyn was baptized today! What a special day for a our precious girl! We had such a wonderful day with our family! This is only part 1 of the Baptism update. Our family members took lots of pictures, so I will share those too as soon as I have all of them.
We'll start from the beginning. I have to tell you, I nearly cried yesterday when we woke up to Jordyn having a fever! I told everyone to hold off on making their food for baptism, because I had no idea what was going to happen. I was praying it wouldn't turn out like our first attempt at baptism ... and I was also praying that March would start better than January and February. (Jan. 1 I had the flu, Feb. 1 Justin had the flu.)

Jordyn's fever came and went several times throughout the day, as did her coughing and stuffy nose. Poor girl. I just wish she could get over this RSV/cold. We did decide to head to my parent's house last night so that we didn't have to get up so early this morning to head to their church. We attended church with my family, and then everyone came for lunch. Jordyn is one loved little girl - we had 25 family members join us to celebrate her special day! We ate lunch first, and then we all headed over to the church for our family baptism. The pastor did a short little message, we sang Jesus Loves Me, and Jordyn was baptized. Everything went smoothly. :)
Here are some of the pictures that were on our camera. (and like I said - we have many more coming)
Too much excitement for Jordyn - she needed a nap during lunch.
Some of our family :)

Jordyn's beautiful cake was decorated by Aunt Kayla. We just froze it since baptism didn't happen in February. Aunt Kayla had to do a few quick touch ups when she got here this morning.
After lunch, we changed Jordyn into her beautiful dress. She loved pulling on the ribbon and pulling her dress up. It was so cute! (and she wasn't about to give her up pacifier today)My dad is an elder at our church, so he was able to do part of the baptism.
We had our parents stand up with us (although you can't see them too well in this picture).
Such a special moment!
Afterwards we tried to get in a few family pictures. I know my sister has some better ones, but I thought I would share the ones we had.
My mom, Grandma Kannegieter, Jordyn, and myself.
The Overman Family
The VanBriesen family (girls definitely out number the guys!)
After baptism, Jordyn was ready to be on her own. She is getting to the point where she only likes to snuggle when she's tired (makes me a little sad). By the time everyone had held her today, she wanted to play by herself. Looks like her mom needs to give her a lesson on being "lady-like" and not showing what's under her dress. :)
She loves to have her legs in the air!
We are so glad that we were finally able to make this work!
Thanks to our families for sharing such a wonderful day with us!


Jess :) said...

Yay!! You actually got to have her Baptized today!! What a blessing that was for you...because I know how worried you were about it! :) She looked absolutely adorable, as always! Thanks for sharing those pictures. I look forward to seeing even more and can't wait to talk to you more at school tomorrow!

Glad you're back, safe and sound! Well, I'm off to bed, FINALLY! I've got to get rested up for the big night tomorrow! I can't wait!

Love ya

Lauren Kelly said...

Awwwwww, how special and what an exciting day!!!!!! :o)