Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, March 5, 2009

4 Month Wellness Check

Jordyn had her 4 month wellness check today. Today she weighed 13 pounds 10 ounces and was about 24 1/2 inches long. Both of these are in about the 50th percentile. The doctor was happy with how she is growing, and we can even start her on cereal now! I was thinking Lucky Charms sounded great, but I guess we'll probably have to start with some yummy rice cereal. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) Jordyn couldn't get her 4 month shots today, because she has an ear infection. Her ear was just a little red, but the doctor decided to go ahead and treat it. This is the same ear that she had an infection in when she had RSV. It's hard to know when Jordyn is sick because she is happy! Since she had an ear infection, the doctor wants to wait about 2 weeks before doing the shots.
That's about all for tonight. It's been a busy week - but we have managed 2 nights of going to bed at about 10:00 - that's a new record! We're so thankful that Jordyn sleeps through the night!!
Good Night!
PS - Jordyn wanted to help with the typing tonight since she was on my lap ... here's her message: rdty

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Lauren Kelly said...

She is a beauty!!!!! :o) YAY for sleeping during the night!!!