Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prayer Requests

I love reading random blogs about families and meeting different people through the blogging world. I am thrilled that I can share our family story with so many people, and that I am able to learn their family stories as well! It is absolutely amazing to me how many different blogs you can find through another person! The blogging world is quite incredible!
I am finding through many blogs that there are so many families hurting ... everything from an ill family member, the death of a family member, infertility (which hits my heart hard), failed adoptions, job losses ... and the list could go on. Each time I come across one of these blogs (which is often), I stop and say a prayer for that person/family. Although you may not come across the same, if any, of the same blogs as me, please just take a moment to pray for some of these difficult issues that families are dealing with.
After reading so many blogs with these difficult stories, I have found so many more blessings in my life ... and I am sure you can find more in your own life.
Have a great day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Girl! (Part 2)

*See below for Part 1*
Not only is Jordyn a big girl - Mommy has had to learn to be a Big Girl too! Now that Jordyn is 5 months old, we decided it was time for her to begin sleeping in her crib in her room. If you had asked me 5 months ago if Jordyn would still be in a bassinet in our room when she was 5 months old, I would have said absolutely NOT! Little did I know, my feelings would change about that!

When Jordyn was about 2 months old, we were ready to put her in her crib. She loved taking naps in her crib, and she loved to just play in the crib. However, when she got RSV and was put on a breathing monitor, we were not going to let her leave our side. The fear of her stopping breathing took over our feelings about the crib, and we wouldn't let her take naps in the crib or sleep there at night. We wanted her right next to us in case the monitor went off.

Now Jordyn is to the point of almost outgrowing the bassinet (literally - there's only about 2-3 inches before she would outgrow it), and we decided it was time for the crib. To keep us sane (or at least me), we bought an Angel breathing monitor. This monitor detects breathing and movement. There is a pad that is placed under her mattress that will detect all of her movement. We have a monitor in our room that will go off if it can't detect her movement.

So - night #1 - successful - Jordyn slept through the whole night. :) The monitor went off once, but it was because she had moved away from the pad - it's a great sign that the monitor works well! I will admit, I still caught myself reaching over to her bassinet in the middle of night to try and touch her - only to remember that she was in another room. I guess moms have to be big girls too! :)

Big Girl! (Part 1)

Today our baby girl is 5 months old! We can hardly believe that it was 5 months ago that we headed to the hospital to welcome this bundle of joy into our family. It is absolutely amazing to us to see how Jordyn has grown in 5 months!

Some of her favorite things:

*Jordyn LOVES books. She has loved them since we brought her home from the hospital. Her favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

*Jordyn started to roll at about 3 months (usually tummy to back), but now she rolls constantly from back to tummy. She LOVES it - and she is so proud of herself when she does it!

*Jordyn LOVES rice cereal. She eats it like it's going out of style! She constantly wants more.

*Jordyn LOVES her high chair - she knows she gets more food when she's in it, and she just gets the biggest smile on her face!

*Jordyn LOVES when her mommy or daddy picks her up from daycare. I think Mommy and Daddy might even enjoy it more than her - her smile melts our heart

*Jordyn LOVES her Exersaucer. Her exersaucer has farm animals on it, and she LOVES the cow, pig, and horse!

*Jordyn LOVES to watch basketball on TV! (especially UNC basketball)

*Jordyn LOVES to play on her own under her play yards.

*Jordyn LOVES taking medicine. Yep, I know, a little strange, but you should see her face light up when I bring her Prevacid (for reflux) to her.

*Jordyn LOVES stroller rides.

*Jordyn LOVES to put anything and everything into her mouth.

*Jordyn LOVES her crib. (more on this later)

*Last but not least, Jordyn LOVES to smile and giggle.

Happy 5 Month Birthday! We LOVE you, Jordyn Faith!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I wish weekends went a little slower :)

I sure wish the weekends would slow down! This is the third weekend in a row that we have been out of town for part of the weekend! It has been nice to get away during the weekends since we spent so much time home when Jordyn was first born and then when she was sick with RSV. This weekend we stayed overnight at Justin's parent's house. Justin's brother was home for the weekend, so we all stayed at his parent's on Friday night. We had breakfast with Justin's family on Saturday morning to celebrate his grandma's birthday! (Happy Birthday, Helen!)
We came back to Sioux Falls yesterday afternoon - had some time to relax, and I even had time to run out and get my hair cut and eyebrows waxed. I'll admit, since having Jordyn I haven't taken much time to just take care of myself, so a haircut was much overdue! (Don't worry, I have definitely had my hair cut since Jordyn was born ... just not as often as it should have been done. :))
This morning we got up and went to church. Jordyn wasn't too thrilled about sitting through church today. She didn't cry, she was just really squirmy and making noises. We spent most of the church service in the back/entry way. She did look super cute for church today! :) This outfit was given to Jordyn when she was born from Justin's mentor (at work) and his wife. It's so fancy! Jordyn loved the fur that was around the neck and wrists - she thought it was fun to chew on!

Speaking of chewing on things ... Jordyn chews on EVERYTHING! Including her new bunny from Grandpa and Grandma Overman. (Look closely - she happens to have on bunny PJ's ... the feet are bunnies.)

Last week I received some great news - I am going to be teaching 3rd grade at the school I am currently at! They have to cut a 2nd grade section, and it wasn't 100% sure where I would be going, but I am so excited that I will now be a part of the 3rd grade team! Justin's parent's sent me this at school ...

My edible fruit bouquet was delicious! What a fun gift to receive! Thanks so much!

Time to relax a little more and cheer on UNC before going to work out! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday! :)

Happy Friday!
(more pictures from last weekend)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Love of Our Lives

Have I ever mentioned just how much we love this precious girl? We love her smiles, her giggles, listening to her talk, the love she gives us, and watching her explore new things ... she brings such much joy to our lives!
There are no words to describe how incredibly blessed we feel to be Jordyn's parents. She is the love of our lives.

We love you baby girl!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Weekend Get-A-Way!

Hi Friends! We hope that you had a wonderful Monday ... the toughest day of the week is pretty much over, right? :)
I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last updated! Wow, time continues to fly! We have had so much going on. I think the pictures that I have taken in the last week will have to be posted throughout a couple of updates! We had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday we got up early (5:30 is tough during the week for me, but even tougher when it's on a weekend) and headed to Minneapolis. We went to a wedding shower for Devin that was given by her family. It was nice to see all of them again since I hadn't seen them since BJ and Devin's engagement party last March! While we were at the shower, Justin just went shopping for a little while. I told to him to go to Best Buy - that is my LEAST favorite store to shop in, so this was a perfect time for him to go since I wasn't with him. My mom and Kayla also made the trip to cities for the shower ... Kandi had to work though. We got our bridesmaid dresses while we were at Devin's parent's house. They are beautiful! I just need to lose the last few of my "baby pounds" in order for it to fit me! :)
After the shower, Justin and I went and checked into our hotel by the MOA. We had decided that we didn't want to make this a one day trip - way too much traveling - even though Jordyn does travel well. Then we were off to MOA for a little while. Jordyn's first shopping trip to MOA! Last time we were there, I was pregnant with her ... so this trip was a little different! We honestly didn't go into too many stores, but we had a great time. Jordyn loved looking at the lights and colors throughout the mall.
A few pictures before we went to MOA - Jordyn was loving the bed, so we all rested for a few minutes.
Playing with Mommy
Kisses from Mommy
Jordyn, Daddy, and Dora at MOA
Jordyn loved her stroller ride through the mall - she loved the colors and lights!
Jordyn and Mommy at MOA
After MOA, we headed back to our hotel and got Jordyn ready for her first swimming experience!!!! She loves bath time, but we weren't sure how she would react to water that was cooler than bath water. We knew we wouldn't keep her in the water long, or even put her all the way in, but we thought we would give it a try. She actually did okay. She fussed a little bit, but she didn't seem to hate it.
Here she is before we went to the pool ... in her duckie swimming suit.
Matching robe :)
Jordyn and Daddy before she was actually in put in the water.
1st reaction to the water
Not too happy - but she didn't scream. :)
This was about it for Jordyn.
Snuggling with Mommy while Daddy swam laps.
We got up early again Sunday morning to head to Mankato. Since we didn't get to see Kandi on Saturday, we thought we would stop by on Sunday. So ... we got to see Kandi, Kayla, my mom (she stayed with the girls), Heather, and her mom and sister (who also happened to be visiting for the weekend). It was a full apartment! And of course Eric (Kandi's boyfriend) and Chris (friend of the girls) had to stop by and play with Jordyn too.
Back on the road ... we're all exhausted ... can't wait to be home, unpacked, and get some rest! Justin's parents dropped Gizmo off in the afternoon, and all 4 of us took a much needed nap! Jordyn and I took our nap together - we got in so much snuggle time this weekend - it was definitely hard to drop her back off at daycare this morning!
One more quick picture - I love this one! While I was packing up a few things at the hotel, Justin was reading to Jordyn. She LOVES books. (We usually read about 5-10 each night.) I thought this picture was so sweet!

Good Night!

4 Month Shots

I am so far behind on updating! I have a longer update, with pictures, from our weekend that I will hopefully post tonight.
Jordyn had her 4 month shots (finally!) last Thursday. She did GREAT! She screamed for about 10 seconds, and then her precious little smile was back on her face. She's such a tough little girl! The doctor said her ear infection was completely gone - yay! Hopefully we're done with those for a little while. I would love to be able to not see her doctor again until her 6 month check up!
Jordyn weighed about 14 pounds at this appointment. At her 4 month well check (2 weeks ago) she was 13 pounds 10 ounces, so she is continuing to gain weight. :)
Have a great day!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday, Darin!!

Happy Birthday, Darin!
We hope your day is wonderful ... and we hope you enjoyed your trip to California!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fixed Camera = Weekend Pictures

Our camera is fixed ... I was struggling without it! We took some pictures on Sunday morning, and then the camera stopped working. We messed around with it, recharged it, tried uploading pictures - nothing worked. Justin took it to the camera store today, and they told us that in order to fix it, it would probably cost as much as buying a brand new one. BUMMER! Our camera is a little over a year old. So ... Justin headed to Best Buy and bought a new camera. He knew I wouldn't last much longer without one! (and our other old digital camera just wasn't doing the job for me) We got the new camera up and running tonight - we love it ... and then Justin just happened to pick up the old camera, and guess what?! It turned on! We messed around with it, and it wouldn't work - now all of a sudden (after we've spent the money on a new camera) it works! We're going to hold onto the new one for a day or two, but we're hoping that we can just return it since ours is back to working! The new camera is very nice, but since ours is just a year old, we don't really need a new one. Hope I didn't bore you too much with the camera story. Now, onto pictures from the weekend. (I don't have any from my parent's house since the camera didn't work.)
Our newest family picture (minus Gizmo - he was out on a walk with Justin's mom). Jordyn is 19 1/2 weeks in this picture.
Playing on the floor

Giggling at Grandpa Marlin
Jordyn's first "ride" on a Sea-Doo!
She's ready for the lake!

Big girl clothes ... sweater and jeans!

Playing with Grandma Shelli and laughing at Mommy.

If you're reading this ... yay! You made it to the end of my never-ending pictures! :) Thanks for reading! Have a great night!

A Wonderful Day!

Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes that you sent me over email, facebook, or in comments on the blog! I enjoyed hearing from all of you! I had a wonderful 26th birthday yesterday!

My day at school was great – the kids were very well behaved, and we accomplished so much for a Monday! I received these beautiful flowers at school from my friends, Nichole and Janeen. I miss these two wonderful friends so much.
My students couldn’t figure out how I got flowers all the way from Owatonna! (The concept or ordering flowers didn’t make sense to them.) The flowers brightened my classroom, and now they are brightening my kitchen! Thanks so much, Nichole and Janeen!

After work it was absolutely beautiful outside! I hurried to pick up Jordyn from daycare so that we could go on a walk. I quickly changed clothes, put Jordyn in the stroller, hooked Gizmo up to the leash, and was incredibly excited that Devin pulled into the driveway just as we were ready for our walk. An extra set of hands to help with Gizmo on the walk was great! It’s great having a live-in baby-sitter for both Jordyn and Gizmo! :) Unfortunately, Devin will only be staying with us for a few more days. We will miss having her with us each day!

After our walk, Justin and I headed to Applebee’s for dinner, while Devin baby-sat Jordyn. Then it was off to my birthday present … Justin arranged for me to get a one hour hot stone massage at a wonderful spa here in town.

I had been to this spa once before, but it had been a couple of years – we were still living in MN at the time, but were home visiting our families the last time I went. The massage was wonderful – much needed! It was wonderful to have one hour for just ME in absolute silence (other than the very relaxing music in the room).

Turning 26 isn't all that bad. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Little Weekend Get-A-Way

Hi Friends! We hope that you had a great weekend! On Friday night we decided that we wanted to get away for a little while. So, on Saturday we packed up (felt like we packed up the whole house by the time we had Jordyn and the dog ready to go) and headed to Okoboji. We stayed with Justin's parents at their condo Saturday night. It was very relaxing! We did just a little shopping and went out to eat, but mostly we just lounged around all day. This morning we packed everything up again and headed to my parent's house for lunch. My grandparents and BJ & Devin joined us for lunch. My mom made my favorite ... spaghetti!!! YUM!
We had a great weekend with both of our families ... of course we missed my sisters and Justin's brother! My sisters just got home from Florida today and Darin is heading out to California in a few days. I'm a little jealous that they have been/will be enjoying such wonderful weather ... and most importantly, the BEACH! I cannot wait for summer!
I have some pictures from the weekend, but I will post them later. (and unfortunately, our camera stopped working after taking a few pictures this morning ... so that will hopefully be fixed soon ... thank goodness we have a little older camera that still works).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rice Cereal: Take One

Jordyn has started to eat rice cereal. She absolutely loves it! She loves anything that she can eat - you should see this girl take medicine! She loves her prevacid (for her reflux) - I have never seen a baby take medicine like her!
Jordyn loves her new high chair. She's growing up so fast! Here's a picture of her before she started to eat. Daddy feeding Jordyn
Smiling at Daddy - she was ready for more!
All done! Look at that clean face - that is because everything that went into her mouth stayed in her mouth! Rice cereal was a success!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Is it summer yet?

We are anxiously awaiting summer! It is supposed to be super nice this weekend, so I guess that will have do until spring and summer actually arrive! :)
We have been busy getting Jordyn's summer wardrobe ready. She is one very spoiled little girl. First of all, I have to say that her dad is way worse than I am. He came home again today with gifts for both of us ... look at this adorable Ralph Lauren dress he bought her for the summer ... You should have seen the excitement in his eyes when he walked in the door with gifts for us! (He bought me Ugg sandals ... an early Birthday gift - I didn't even know they made those! I can't believe the things he finds for us!) He's so sweet!
Tonight we ran to Kohls for a little while ... more so just to get out of the house. Well, our first stop in the store was of course the baby section! I have been so excited about getting some summer dresses for Jordyn. The only dress she has worn (besides baptism) is her Christmas dress. I would have loved to have dressed her more dresses, but with the RSV, we had a difficult time leaving the house for church, so I just decided not to buy dresses. (Plus the breathing monitor would have been a little more difficult with tights.) Anyway, what was supposed to be a little shopping trip, turned into us buying half of the baby section!

Here is Jordyn picking out dresses. We told her she could pick out 2 of the 3 - she has great taste! (She eventually tried to chew on one of them ... Justin said "You bite it, you buy it!")
Here are the two that she picked - won't she look adorable this summer??
This isn't from tonight (it was actually from last Friday's shopping trip), but check out this adorable swimming suit with board shorts. I hate to admit it, but Jordyn actually has 3 swimming suits already for summer! I hope she likes the pool!!!! If not, she'll just look cute out by the water. :)
More clothes from tonight ... shorts, skirt, capris, shirt ... there's more too, just not in the picture. Just a little spoiled, I think.
Cute swimming suit cover-up. She also has hot pink Crocs that will match this perfectly! She got the Crocs for Christmas from her Uncle Darin.
Another dress. :)
We are just relaxing tonight. Jordyn is taking a little nap right now, so we're watching a movie. Oh how I love the weekend!