Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

We are really enjoying our weekend - and even more excited that we still have one more day at home tomorrow! Our Valentine's Day was very relaxing. As mentioned before, my parents, BJ, and Devin stopped by for a little while. Grandpa Buzz and Grandma Ronda brought Jordyn this book for Valentine's Day ...I guess it was one of my favorite books as a child. It is so cute! We have already read it a few times. :)
Justin's grandparents stopped by with a little gift for Jordyn last night. We were just getting ready to leave the house, so Jordyn was already in her carseat. Great Grandpa Gerry and Great Grandma Marcia brought Jordyn a Valentine bear. She loved it! She kept rubbing the soft fur, and she was full of smiles for Great Grandma Marcia.

After Gerry and Marcia left, we headed to the mall. We needed to get out of the house for a little while, and we thought Jordyn would like a stroller ride. We ate supper at the mall and went into a few stores, but mostly we just wanted some exercise.
This is what Jordyn did for every store worker that came up and talked to her ...
Here's Daddy showing off new Oakley sunglasses - he looks a little scary in them when he's not smiling. (Hence the name of the Oakley glasses ... Inmate)
Snuggling with Daddy :)
After church today we attempted to take a few family pictures. This of course isn't incredibly easy when you're using the timer and trying to get a baby to look too. (We even attempted some with the dog, but those did not turn out at all.)
Jordyn and Daddy
Awww Dad!
Jordyn loves her Daddy!
Snuggling with Mommy!
After church, pictures, and lunch, we all took a much needed nap! Yes, we did manage to watch some of the Daytona 500 - too bad it ended with rain. The winner only led one lap - the last lap. In my dad's words "I guess he led the best lap!"
Jordyn is coming down with a pretty bad cough - so we will probably be heading to the doctor in the morning. We want to be extra cautious since she just got over the RSV. It may just be a little cold, but after RSV, everything makes us nervous!
Time to feed Jordyn - she's been a hungry girl today! She must be growing!
Good Night! Love ... The Overmans


Jess :) said...

Such cute pictures! Maybe we could take Jordyn and Jorgen to the doctor together tomorrow?! I'll try to work on the miles between us first!

Anyways, glad to hear the weekend went well. I can't wait to see you again, but am truly NOT ready to leave this little peanut here in Seattle. It's been so much fun and it's just so hard to believe that it's coming to an end!

Thanks again for sharing the pics! Adorable!

Love ya,
Jess :)

P.S. Let me know what you find out at the doctor tomorrow!

Lauren Kelly said...

Those pictures are too precious!!!! You have a beautiful family. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and looking forward to keeping up with yours :o)

The Ginskeys said...

You always have such cute pictures. I know you've already done it, so no need to do it again, just letting you know I nominated you right back!