Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh what a day!

I promise a longer update is coming ... but some you told me you were wondering if we were all okay since I hadn't updated in a few days. Yep, we're fine ... just tired and behind on everything this week. :)
Here's how my day went ... good day at school until my breast pump stopped working today at school. I knew it would be coming - I knocked it off my desk a few weeks ago. Way to go, Jess! Hmmm ... maybe that was same day I knocked over 4 ounces of milk on my desk too! Maybe I should have just gone to feed Jordyn at the daycare that day!
Needless to say, I can't exactly go without a pump, so off to Target to purchase a new $250 pump! My last one wasn't quite that expensive, and now that I know more about them, I decided to buy a more expensive one this time. This one even came in a bag so I shouldn't have any problems with knocking it off my desk this time!
Oh - I did I mention Jordyn had blowout #2 of the week at daycare? Tuesday's outfit was a brand new outfit (still working on those stains) and today's outfit .... well, it's one of my favorites, but I have found that each time I put it on Jordyn, she's guaranteed a blow out! (still working on those stains too ... we scrub, soak, wash, scrub, soak, wash ... hopeful the stains come out)
Even with a little bad luck the last few days, being a mom is still the best thing in the world (being a wife is too).
Time to make some dinner, and I hope to post more later!


Faithful Froggers said...

Jessica, I just wanted to stop by and thank you so much for the award you left for me! It was so sweet of you to think of me.

Your baby is just precious! Enjoy every minute. :)

Lee Anne said...

Blow, I forgot about those. Man, how quickly things are forgotten.

Jordyn is adorable as ever....I love seeing her happy face!

Enjoy the weekend.