Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daddy's Girl!

Hi Friends! We have had a busy week - hence the delay of posting a few recent pictures!
As I have mentioned MANY times before, Jordyn continues to amaze us each day. She has always been an incredibly content baby - with only really ever crying when she is hungry. She is really starting to "talk" more and she loves to giggle. Today when I picked her up from daycare she just couldn't stop "talking" to me! I bet she talked for about 3-4 minutes straight! It was so cute! She is also still working on rolling, and we finally got it on video tape. She was a little stubborn today and didn't want to show Uncle BJ and Aunt Devin when they stopped by. At least we have it on tape to prove she can!
Jordyn is clearly becoming a daddy's girl! I had conferences Thursday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night - so she had lots of Daddy time. She has definitely wanted to spend more time with him! :) It was hard to be away for Jordyn so long each of those days. 7 AM to 7:30 PM is too long for a new mommy! We made it though ... and after my in-service tomorrow morning, we will have plenty of Jordyn and Mommy time since we don't have school until next Tuesday. (Yay for President's Day break!)
I have a few pictures from the weekend/last few days to share!
Here's Jordyn sitting up ...
... and then she fell over (but she didn't stop smiling!)
She fell over again
How can you not love this face?!
Laughing at Daddy!
Daddy is pretty funny!
I tried to get a picture of her rolling - needless to say, she had no interest when I had the camera out.
I love this picture! Jordyn loves to watch Gizmo! (although he was a little more interested in his toy than Jordyn ... thank goodness he doesn't think Jordyn is his toy)
She loves to play with her play yard. (Thanks Janeen, Nichole, and Ellen ... I know I have said thanks many time for this ... she absolutely loves it!)
Tummy time with Daddy!
I receive weekly emails about how Jordyn should be progressing each week. They are so fun to read. It was hard to believe though that when I got the email yesterday, it informed me that she was 105 days old (she'll be 15 weeks tomorrow), and last year at this time I was 3 weeks pregnant! Wow, time sure flies!
Have a great night!
Love ... The Overmans

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Hey Jessica you have one cute little girl!! Sorry to hear about the RSV thing. :( But I'm glad to hear shes better.