Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me!

This was on facebook, and I thought I would add it to my blog. :)

1. Being a wife and a mom are the greatest things!

2. I married my high school sweetheart and best friend. In May, Justin and I will have been together for 10 years – 7 years of dating and 3 years of marriage.

3. Jordyn is the love of our lives! We thank God each day for this precious girl.

4. I didn’t always think moving to Sioux Falls was the right plan for us, but we have clearly been shown (in MANY ways) that God had incredible plans and reasons for us to move here. We love Sioux Falls! (but we will always miss our Owatonna friends too)

5. I love to travel – and wish that I could take a vacation every month.

6. Jamaica is my favorite place to go. Hopefully in the near future we will take trip #3.

7. I love to take pictures! (of other people, not myself)

8. My memory card on my camera currently has about 600 pictures that have not been printed.

9. My dad has called me Bunny for as long as I can remember.

10. I hold a teaching license in 3 states, but I have never taught in the state that I got my degree.

11. We have 4 levels in our house, but I can easily go a week without going to 2 of them. (which is sad since laundry is on one of those 2 levels that I don’t visit often)

12. I wish I could wear a brand new pair of socks every single day.

13. I love to eat my pizza by eating the topping first and then the crust. (Katie - for some reason this made me think of you - because I think you're one of my only friends who knew this about me)

14. I lived in 3 different places during 9 months of pregnancy. (Our Owatonna house, townhouse, and Sioux Falls house … and moving isn’t easy when you’re pregnant!)

15. I love to blog and feel so blessed by how many people check in on our family.

16. I love to read, but other than baby/parenting books, I haven’t picked up a book in about a year.

17. I love to people watch at the mall – and wonder what in the world some people are thinking!

18. Three doctors and an ultrasound predicted I would have a 9 to 10 pound baby – and after an early induction, our 6 pound 12 ounce baby girl arrived!

19. I once fell on a treadmill running 17 miles per hour – and it took me almost 10 years to get back one because I was too scared.

20. Justin and I have to hold the record for most ER visits during college years. Between the 2 of us we managed about 10 trips! (all of those were for him, except one-gotta love college football)

21. I love to shop – and now that we live only 2 miles from the mall, it is even better. (I’m not sure if Justin agrees though!)

22. I love the smell of coconut scented things. (I think it’s because it reminds me of being on vacation.)

23. I am very competitive when I play the Wii – and it is the greatest feeling when I beat Justin at tennis. :) ... and if you're wondering, he doesn't just let me win - I'm actually pretty good!

24. I love summer and everything that goes with it! (sunny weather, the pool, the smell of people grilling, the lake, going for walks outside, no school)

25. And last but not least … I am incredibly thankful for all of the people that God has put into our lives and all of the blessings he has showered us with.


doshtate said...

13. I remember when I first saw you do this! Don't you also put cheese on both the layers and the crust? Sometimes I eat my pizza this way and it always reminds me of you. :)

Jess :) said...

Hey! I have something on my blog for you. So, when you have a minute, go check it out!! :)