Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, January 9, 2009


We are so glad that it is Friday! We made it through a week back to work and Jordyn's first week of daycare! Her first week went very well. She did great at daycare - they told me that she is an incredibly happy baby. Like we didn't already know that. :) Of course I couldn't wait to go pick her up each day - and each day I was greeted with HUGE smiles and lots of giggles from her. She loves to smile at us, and one of her new favorite things to do is listen to myself or Justin sing the Wheels on the Bus. For some reason she just loves that song! Today she was even trying to "sing" along with me. If only I could have gotten the video camera out fast enough. Next time I'll have it ready!
Here are few pictures or Jordyn showing off her adorable smile. These are the same smiles that I am greeted with each day at daycare, the smiles that we see when we get her up in the morning, the smiles we see when we sing to her, the smiles we see when she is on the floor kicking, and the smiles when we snuggle with her. We are so in love with this precious girl!

A little tummy with the boppy pillow. (Isn't the blanket in these pictures beautiful? My Aunt Linda made it for Jordyn!)
And ... now for Gizmo ... he decided to snuggle up with Justin on the floor. What a dog! We don't have too much planned for the weekend. I think we could both use a very long nap tomorrow! We're exhausted. Jordyn has been sleeping pretty well through the night (most nights form about 10:30/11:00 until 5:15/5:30). I think she would sleep longer in the morning, but I have to wake her up to give her her reflux medication 30 minutes before she eats. And while I hate waking a sleeping baby, the medication seems to be necessary. I would have to wake her by 5:45 to feed her anyway so that we can leave the house by 6:45. I am learning how to be a morning person. :)
Time to sign off for now ... have a fabulous weekend!

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Lee Anne said...

Enjoy your weekend with that smiling, sweet, baby girl. Adorable.