Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spoke too soon ...

I thought that 8 trips to the doctor was enough for the month of January (see yesterday's post), but I forgot we still had one more day left of January, and guess what??!! 8 became 9! Justin has been battling a cold ... and he woke up today feeling miserable. He feels like he has a golf ball on the side of his throat. The doctor didn't know what to think - they even tested him for strep and mono - both were negative. So, they put him on a strong antibiotic hoping that would take care of it. (Just so you - we are not the type of people that go to the doctor for every little thing ... but the colds we have gotten this month have been HORRIBLE!) So, I'll say again ... we're hoping February will be off to a better start than January! :)

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Lee Anne said...

Um, I think you need to move back to Owatonna. That's my vote! Hope the baptism goes off without a hitch....Congratulations to Jordyn on her big day!