Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So happy to be home!

I can't tell you how happy we are to be home from the hospital! We are so glad that Jordyn is feeling better. We know she's not done with the RSV, but we're hoping that now we're heading in the right direction! She has had a pretty good day ... and she still amazes us with how happy she has been through all of this (minus the whole IV ordeal ... see Thursday's post). The nurses just loved this little girl. She would just smile away for them! (Except for when they were "picking on her" ... but as soon as they were done, she was back to smiling!) Jordyn was very well taken care of at the hospital - and while it's not fun to be there, we are also incredibly thankful that we were there. It was such a relief having her hooked up to all of the monitors. We are very thankful for Jordyn's doctor and all of the nurses that took care of her while we were there.
I feel like we are constantly giving Jordyn some type of medicine - but she takes it like a champ! She takes prevacid twice a day for reflux, she's on an antibiotic to prevent pneumonia (and it will turn her poop brick red ... oh joy!), and she is now having nebulizer treatments. We hadn't been doing those before, but they decided to send us home with a machine. We are also having to put saline solution in her nose and suction it out, and does she ever hate that!!
Of course we have pictures to share. It was so sad to see Jordyn hooked up to everything, but it was also very reassuring that everything was being monitored!
Still showing off smiles!
Listening to Mommy

A picture of Daddy being goofy - he was singing and dancing for Jordyn.
Another smile :)
Playing with Daddy
Jordyn got a new doll while she was in the hospital. Here she is hugging her new doll - so cute!
Holding her doll up for us to see.
Snuggle time with Mommy
Snuggling with Daddy and her new doll
Safe in Daddy's arms
My favorite picture - this is after I told Jordyn that we could go home today!
Although Jordyn is doing well - we still have a few prayer requests:
*Wet Diapers - she has been eating pretty well, but did throw up again this afternoon when we got home.
*Good breathing - her machine has gone off twice tonight - and it may have gone off just because she was breathing very shallow - but we don't know that for sure. Either way, it startled her immediately and made her breathe deeper.
*No more coughing! (for both Jordyn and myself - I just can't seem to get over what I have, and I don't sleep at night because I cough so much.)
THANKS again for all of your prayers!
We are exhausted! We are looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight!
Good night! Love ... The Overmans


Lawn Rangers for Terry said...

Glad you are all at home... and healing! Our prayers continue to be with you! What a beautiful little girl! Thanks for all the terrific pictures! We think your family is pretty terrific!
Love to you all!

Lee Anne said...

She does look happy! You weren't kidding. Hope your weekend home went well and that BOTH of you are on the mend. Spring can't come soon enough, huh?