Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, January 16, 2009

One of "those days"

(*Sorry there's no spacing between my paragraphs tonight ... couldn't figure out how to change it.) :)
Have you ever had one of "those days?" I think that's about the only way to describe our day. As I mentioned in my last post, Jordyn was exposed to RSV at the daycare, and the last few days she has had a little cold. She had a great night, but she was coughing quite hard this morning when we got her up, and we made the decision that we didn't want her going to daycare today. So ... Justin stayed home with her a little while this morning, and then his mom came and watched her. We took Jordyn to the doctor at 10:30 this morning ... and after 1 hours of tests (RSV test, oxygen test, chest x-rays, neb treatment, and much care from the doctor), it was determined that Jordyn has RSV. You wouldn't know it though by they way she acts - she is still her incredibly happy self - it's the horrible cough that she has that tells us differently. We seem to have caught the RSV in the early stages. Other than her horrible cough, she doesn't have any of the other signs/symptoms of RSV. Her lungs were clear, oxygen levels were great, and her breathing sounded good. While we are extremely thrilled that we caught it in the early stage, there's no telling what may happen next. She may be completely fine, and then be the exact opposite an hour later. The doctor is pretty concerned about her since she is so little. So ... she is now hooked up to a breathing monitor that we will use for the next 2-3 weeks. When young babies get RSV, there's a chance they can stop breathing. The monitor will go off (louder than a smoke detector) if she stops breathing. This is incredibly scary to us ... I'm not sure how much sleep we'll be getting. I just want to keep an eye on her. Please pray for Jordyn that this doesn't get any worse.
Back to one of "those days. I went back to school after the doctor appointment, and Justin's mom watched Jordyn for the rest of the afternoon. I could have taken the afternoon off, but I thought that since Jordyn seemed to be feeling pretty good and wasn't fussy, that I would just finish the day out. As the afternoon went on, my throat and ears started to hurt pretty bad. They hurt a little last night, but it got really bad this afternoon. So, after Justin got home from work tonight, I ran over to acute care. The wait time was supposed to be 0-30 minutes. (They update acute care on the Internet here every 30 minutes.) Apparently they either forgot to update the website or they don't know how to estimate time, but TWO HOURS later, I was FINALLY called back into the room. After 20 minutes in the room, the doctor finally came in - and then I found out she was upset because the nurse hadn't done the strep test on me. So she did it quickly ... and that took 15 minutes to run through the lab. During that 15 minutes an emergency came into acute care (I overheard through the door a kid needed stitches), so I had to sit and wait some more. FINALLY the doctor came back in - only to tell me that my horribly sore throat isn't strep and there's nothing she can do for the pain I'm in. So after more than 2 1/2 hours at acute care, I walked out knowing the same thing I did when I walked in - that I had a sore throat.
We're hopeful that tomorrow will be better day ... and we're praying hard that Jordyn's RSV doesn't get worse. We had plans to be out of town this weekend, but we cancelled those immediately today - so we'll just be hanging out at home this weekend. Never hurts to spend a weekend relaxing!
Good night! (Sorry - no pictures to share tonight - no time to upload them.)


Jess :) said...

Oh honey!! That stinks! I'm sorry you were feeling that bad. You seriously should have brought your kids down to me and left. Next time you feel like matter bring them down ~end of story! I will praying for you and Jordyn.

Please let me know if you need ANYTHING!!! I know you have a wonderful husband, but just in case, you call me ANYTIME!!!

Love ya,
Jess :)

P.S. Try to have a good weekend and relax as much as possible!

Lee Anne said...

You are kind of freaking me out here. Connor has that horrible cough. Did Jordyn's come out of the blue? Like one day fine and the next day...horrible cough? I better look up RSV symptoms on WebMD.

I forget there is nothing, really you can do for RSV, right? Like, there is no medication or anything. You just have to wait and see.

Unbelievable how contagious it is and how fast it spread through your daycare.

And you poor thing with your throat! Take lots of Motrin. Helps with the pain.

Lay low and keep warm and hopefully you guys are back to normal soon!