Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking forward to February!

The month of January for our family consisted of: 8 trips to the doctor (1 for Justin, 2 for me, and 5 for Jordyn), 1 trip to the ER, and 1 hospital stay ... one case of the flu, a nasty cold for Justin and myself, pink eye for myself, and RSV for Jordyn. What a way to welcome in 2009! We are looking forward to the end of January and hoping for a better start in February! :)

We did get the results back from Jordyn's breathing machine ... and according to the download, all of the alarms have been false. That is great news ... considering the machine has been going off 5-10 times a day! Even though we have had lots of false alarms, I am still glad that Jordyn is hooked up to the machine, and we will continue to treat any alarm as though it's real. We aren't sure how long she'll be hooked up - possibly a few more weeks.

Jordyn's first 3 days back to daycare went well. I loved picking her up each day and seeing her huge smiles!

Jordyn is getting baptized on Sunday, so our weekend will be busy!

Enjoy your weekend! Love ... The Overmans

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