Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jordyn is doing GREAT!

Jordyn and I just finished reading some books (she LOVES books), and now she is taking a little nap ... which gives me a few minutes to update. Thanks so much for checking in on us - I'm sorry I am a little slow at updating! Jordyn had another check up yesterday, and the doctor was very happy with how Jordyn is doing. Her cough is almost gone (yeah!), and she has been cleared to go back to daycare. I stayed home with her yesterday, and Justin stayed home today ... and tomorrow, well, I guess it's back to daycare. I think tomorrow might be harder on me than when I took her for her first day.
Jordyn is definitely staying hydrated (very wet diapers), her breathing has been great, and she gained back the 6 ounces that she had lost last week. Thanks for your prayers ... they were answered!
Jordyn is still doing nebulizer treatments, but just 2-3 times a day. She is absolutely hilarious about an hour after the treatment. She is so wound up - she can't lay still, every part of her body is moving - it's so funny! When she was in the hospital, she was so wound up that she literally spun herself around in the crib until she was facing the opposite direction! She gives us quite a laugh!
Have a great night! Love ... The Overmans

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Lee Anne said...

Not a Top Gun fan? What's up with that? I can still remember when it came out....

Glad to hear your transition back to normal is going smoothly. Hope your weekend is restful and calm.

Cute pictures as always!