Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hospital Update

Hi Friends! Just thought we should share an update from the hospital. Overall, Jordyn is doing pretty well! :) Yesterday was a pretty stressful day, but we are happy to say today is going better. Jordyn has been taken off of oxygen, her breathing is sounding good, no fever, eating pretty well, a few wet diapers, but still coughing quite a bit.

But ... I'll start from the beginning ...

Jordyn's coughing had continued to get worse - she would have coughing fits for 3-5 minutes straight, sometimes resulting in her throwing up. Yesterday morning we decided it would be best to call a nurse and share this information. We were also concerned because one of the times it happened, Jordyn was in her bouncy chair and we couldn't get to her fast enough, and we knew she swallowed some of what she was throwing up.We were concerned that some of that may have gotten into her lungs. So ... back to the doctor! Justin took her to her appointment (I decided to stay at work this time.) As Justin was pulling into the parking lot of the clinic, Jordyn's breathing monitor went off. Jordyn had been holding Justin's finger during the car ride, and when her breathing monitor went off she let go and went kind of limp. Since Justin was driving (and was alone) he couldn't tell for sure if she had stopped breathing or if her breathing was shallow, but it was very scary. Once he got to the clinic, they did some more tests on her (and a 3rd set of xrays ... have I ever mentioned how much I hate that xray machine?!). They saw a little spot in her right lung that they wanted to monitor to make sure it didn't turn into pneumonia. They also thought her oxygen level was getting a little low. At this point, our doctor decided they needed to hospitalize her. So ... Justin called me immediately - and of course I nearly broke down in my classroom. I have to say a huge thank you to my principal, Nancy, for immediately coming to my classroom to finish out my day. And by the time I was walking out the door, they already had a sub lined up for me for today ... and can I just say how thankful I was to hear that it was Dawn, who was my long-term sub while I was on maternity leave. My class is in great hands! :) And - to even make things better, when I talked to Nancy today, she informed that Dawn was writing my lesson plans for next week! They have sure taken good care of me!

Anywho ... we got Jordyn to the hospital, and the nightmare began. They of course wanted to put an IV in her. They actually got it in on the first try ... only to realize 20 minutes later that it wasn't working right. Jordyn cried so hard. We had never seen tears fall from Jordyn's eyes, but let me tell you, they fell so hard yesterday. Since the first IV didn't work, they had to try again - and not just one more time, but 3 MORE TIMES! It gets worse - none of them worked. They were 0 for 4 on putting an IV in her. They decided that since she wasn't too dehydrated they would leave it out. So - our prayers are for WET diapers. :) They also took blood from her twice. For over 2 hours our precious baby screamed. It was awful, and we felt helpless.

She was able to finally relax last night, but she still had some pretty bad coughing fits. She was off and on oxygen yesterday - and she was on it all through the night. We're happy to say though that she has been off of oxygen for about 6 hours now! She was never on a lot of oxygen, but it was just enough that she still needed it. DARN - as I'm typing this, we're noticing her oxygen level is dropping ... pray it goes back up quickly!!

She has had a good day. She is eating well, but we're still hoping for more wet diapers. We DO NOT want to go through the IV process again!

We are not sure how long we will be here. The doctor originally thought through the weekend. It's hard to say, and there's no way to make a good guess on it. We do know that Jordyn for has to be off of oxygen for 24 hours before we can go home. (and she also has to have a clear nose ... they have been suctioning a lot of junk out of it)

We are thankful for so many prayers from our family and friends. Since we have our computer at the hospital now, it's a little easier for me to update. We'll hope our next update is filled with good news as well. :)

(I have pictures of our precious girl, but I can't post them at the hospital because we don't have our camera dock here.)


Lee Anne said...

Oh Jess! I can't even imagine how hard it had to have been to watch a baby SO LITTLE go through all that. It's not like you can reason with them and explain what is happening.

I will pray for wet diapers, otherwise ask for a anestheiologist to do the IV.

Lots of hugs sent your way!

Jess :) said...

It was great to talk to you! I'm so glad to hear that little Jordyn is holding her own, right now!! I'll definitely keep praying that she gets better, but also has some good, wet diapers! :)

I will give you a call tomorrow morning and come up and see you guys! Have a wonderful night and make sure you let me know if you need anything!

Jess :)

The Ginskeys said...

We are thinking about you guys and saying extra prayers for wet diapers and no more oxygen!
Can't even imagine what you are feeling right now. Please keep us posted.