Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, January 19, 2009

And the grand total is ...

... 9! I have spent 9 hours in a doctor offices/ER in the last 3 days! They might as well name a wing of the hospital after us! We will probably have donated enough money to build one! :) Jordyn continues to do pretty well. Her cough still sounds horrible and painful. However, she does not have a fever, oxygen levels were good again this morning, still no wheezing, and still showing off many smiles. We were at the doctor again this morning (to see her own pediatrician), and he felt things were going well. We will see him again next Monday.
Here's a picture of Jordyn at the ER last night (yes, I happened to have my camera in my purse). You can kind of see the heart and breathing monitor that she's hooked up to. She has two monitors on her chest, and then we have to carry around a bag with the machine whenever we move her. We do unhook her to feed her and change her, but otherwise we leave it hooked up. The breathing monitor went off twice a little while ago - scares the crap out of me! I'm not sure if she was just breathing too shallow for the machine to pick it up or if she missed a breath in there, but as soon as it beeps, she becomes alert. I am very thankful for this machine!

I keep mentioning how happy she continues to be ... here's a cute smile for you. :)
More hand sucking!

And yesterday I mentioned I had some pictures of Justin & Jordyn to share with you. I wanted to post them yesterday, but we had a change of plans in the afternoon/evening ... and by the time we got home from the ER, I didn't feel well enough to do anything. (My cold is horrible!)
Anyway - while I was cleaning on Saturday, Justin took some pictures of him and Jordyn!

I love this one. :)

I managed to run a few errands on Saturday afternoon ... and I bought Jordyn some winter clothes for next year! :)
Here's a picture from Sunday of where Gizmo's ball landed when Justin was throwing it up in the air. And I actually forgot about it until now ... it's still sitting up there!

I am hoping my cold and head ache go away soon and that Jordyn continues to feel good. If only that darn cough would go away. We are keeping her home from daycare this whole week so that she can be healthy when she returns next week. (and then it will be like starting daycare all over again ... more tears from me, I'm sure!)
Jordyn and Gizmo are both sleeping right now, so I think this is my chance to rest too.

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