Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spoke too soon ...

I thought that 8 trips to the doctor was enough for the month of January (see yesterday's post), but I forgot we still had one more day left of January, and guess what??!! 8 became 9! Justin has been battling a cold ... and he woke up today feeling miserable. He feels like he has a golf ball on the side of his throat. The doctor didn't know what to think - they even tested him for strep and mono - both were negative. So, they put him on a strong antibiotic hoping that would take care of it. (Just so you - we are not the type of people that go to the doctor for every little thing ... but the colds we have gotten this month have been HORRIBLE!) So, I'll say again ... we're hoping February will be off to a better start than January! :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking forward to February!

The month of January for our family consisted of: 8 trips to the doctor (1 for Justin, 2 for me, and 5 for Jordyn), 1 trip to the ER, and 1 hospital stay ... one case of the flu, a nasty cold for Justin and myself, pink eye for myself, and RSV for Jordyn. What a way to welcome in 2009! We are looking forward to the end of January and hoping for a better start in February! :)

We did get the results back from Jordyn's breathing machine ... and according to the download, all of the alarms have been false. That is great news ... considering the machine has been going off 5-10 times a day! Even though we have had lots of false alarms, I am still glad that Jordyn is hooked up to the machine, and we will continue to treat any alarm as though it's real. We aren't sure how long she'll be hooked up - possibly a few more weeks.

Jordyn's first 3 days back to daycare went well. I loved picking her up each day and seeing her huge smiles!

Jordyn is getting baptized on Sunday, so our weekend will be busy!

Enjoy your weekend! Love ... The Overmans

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smiles, Top Gun, and Flirt

Jordyn had a great first day back at daycare! We were nervous about taking her back, especially with her breathing monitor, but everything went well. Justin stopped and saw her this morning, and I visited over lunch.
Jordyn's breathing monitor has continued to go off a few times each day, but we're not sure if it is just because of shallow breathing or if there is a breathing problem. The doctor had her monitor info downloaded on Monday, and we are just waiting for results. (hopefully tomorrow)
This is the adorable face I am greeted with when I pick Jordyn up from daycare! Her smile melts my heart!

Notice the nice gray cord we carry everywhere with us. (Normally it's not that close to her face - she just happened to grab it ... which leads me to my next picture.)
Jordyn grabs ahold of anything and everything she can get her hands on! (and now she's working on putting everything in her mouth too!)
Justin had to have a picture (or two) of Jordyn with her neb treatment. (and we usually just hold the mask, but Justin was putting a lot of thought into this and wanted her to look like someone from Top Gun) If you're a Top Gun fan, this will make sense to you ... "Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby." (I didn't really laugh because I'm not a Top Gun fan.)
More neb. treatment. (We only do 2-3 a day, and I'm guessing that will not last too much longer.)
Exercise time with Daddy!
Getting so strong! For the last week she hasn't had much tummy time because it would cause lots of coughing and she was clearly uncomfortable. It was amazing to us to see how much strength she gained during that week
This is one of my favorite pictures! First of all, she has really discovered her tongue in the last week. With all of the medicine we have had to give her, she's figuring it out. Second of all, doesn't she look like the biggest flirt in this picture?!
She looks like she has bottom teeth ... must have been a glare ... no teeth yet!
More smiles!
Relaxing in her boppy.
99% of the time, we have a very content baby ... all smiles, no crying. Justin wanted a picture of her sitting up ... and Jordyn wasn't too thrilled about it.
We are just relaxing tonight. In fact ... how lame is this ... we were watching FoxNews and there was a police chase on. We watched it on TV for 40 minutes, and then they had to end it because of another show starting, so we pulled it up on the Internet and finished watching it. (We only watched for a total of 1 1/2 hours.) What does that tell you about our night?! :)
Good night! Love ... The Overmans

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jordyn is doing GREAT!

Jordyn and I just finished reading some books (she LOVES books), and now she is taking a little nap ... which gives me a few minutes to update. Thanks so much for checking in on us - I'm sorry I am a little slow at updating! Jordyn had another check up yesterday, and the doctor was very happy with how Jordyn is doing. Her cough is almost gone (yeah!), and she has been cleared to go back to daycare. I stayed home with her yesterday, and Justin stayed home today ... and tomorrow, well, I guess it's back to daycare. I think tomorrow might be harder on me than when I took her for her first day.
Jordyn is definitely staying hydrated (very wet diapers), her breathing has been great, and she gained back the 6 ounces that she had lost last week. Thanks for your prayers ... they were answered!
Jordyn is still doing nebulizer treatments, but just 2-3 times a day. She is absolutely hilarious about an hour after the treatment. She is so wound up - she can't lay still, every part of her body is moving - it's so funny! When she was in the hospital, she was so wound up that she literally spun herself around in the crib until she was facing the opposite direction! She gives us quite a laugh!
Have a great night! Love ... The Overmans

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So happy to be home!

I can't tell you how happy we are to be home from the hospital! We are so glad that Jordyn is feeling better. We know she's not done with the RSV, but we're hoping that now we're heading in the right direction! She has had a pretty good day ... and she still amazes us with how happy she has been through all of this (minus the whole IV ordeal ... see Thursday's post). The nurses just loved this little girl. She would just smile away for them! (Except for when they were "picking on her" ... but as soon as they were done, she was back to smiling!) Jordyn was very well taken care of at the hospital - and while it's not fun to be there, we are also incredibly thankful that we were there. It was such a relief having her hooked up to all of the monitors. We are very thankful for Jordyn's doctor and all of the nurses that took care of her while we were there.
I feel like we are constantly giving Jordyn some type of medicine - but she takes it like a champ! She takes prevacid twice a day for reflux, she's on an antibiotic to prevent pneumonia (and it will turn her poop brick red ... oh joy!), and she is now having nebulizer treatments. We hadn't been doing those before, but they decided to send us home with a machine. We are also having to put saline solution in her nose and suction it out, and does she ever hate that!!
Of course we have pictures to share. It was so sad to see Jordyn hooked up to everything, but it was also very reassuring that everything was being monitored!
Still showing off smiles!
Listening to Mommy

A picture of Daddy being goofy - he was singing and dancing for Jordyn.
Another smile :)
Playing with Daddy
Jordyn got a new doll while she was in the hospital. Here she is hugging her new doll - so cute!
Holding her doll up for us to see.
Snuggle time with Mommy
Snuggling with Daddy and her new doll
Safe in Daddy's arms
My favorite picture - this is after I told Jordyn that we could go home today!
Although Jordyn is doing well - we still have a few prayer requests:
*Wet Diapers - she has been eating pretty well, but did throw up again this afternoon when we got home.
*Good breathing - her machine has gone off twice tonight - and it may have gone off just because she was breathing very shallow - but we don't know that for sure. Either way, it startled her immediately and made her breathe deeper.
*No more coughing! (for both Jordyn and myself - I just can't seem to get over what I have, and I don't sleep at night because I cough so much.)
THANKS again for all of your prayers!
We are exhausted! We are looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight!
Good night! Love ... The Overmans

Answered Prayers!

Hello Friends! We have great news to share - Jordyn had a GREAT night - and even better news - we are going home in a couple of hours!!! :) Jordyn has been off of oxygen for 24 hours, and she has also had some wet diapers. (still not as wet as we're used to, but she'll get there!) THANKS for all of your prayers!

Jordyn will continue to be on a breathing monitor - for the next month, or possibly longer. We will see her doctor again on Monday.

I will update later once we are home and settled. Have a great Saturday!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hospital Update

Hi Friends! Just thought we should share an update from the hospital. Overall, Jordyn is doing pretty well! :) Yesterday was a pretty stressful day, but we are happy to say today is going better. Jordyn has been taken off of oxygen, her breathing is sounding good, no fever, eating pretty well, a few wet diapers, but still coughing quite a bit.

But ... I'll start from the beginning ...

Jordyn's coughing had continued to get worse - she would have coughing fits for 3-5 minutes straight, sometimes resulting in her throwing up. Yesterday morning we decided it would be best to call a nurse and share this information. We were also concerned because one of the times it happened, Jordyn was in her bouncy chair and we couldn't get to her fast enough, and we knew she swallowed some of what she was throwing up.We were concerned that some of that may have gotten into her lungs. So ... back to the doctor! Justin took her to her appointment (I decided to stay at work this time.) As Justin was pulling into the parking lot of the clinic, Jordyn's breathing monitor went off. Jordyn had been holding Justin's finger during the car ride, and when her breathing monitor went off she let go and went kind of limp. Since Justin was driving (and was alone) he couldn't tell for sure if she had stopped breathing or if her breathing was shallow, but it was very scary. Once he got to the clinic, they did some more tests on her (and a 3rd set of xrays ... have I ever mentioned how much I hate that xray machine?!). They saw a little spot in her right lung that they wanted to monitor to make sure it didn't turn into pneumonia. They also thought her oxygen level was getting a little low. At this point, our doctor decided they needed to hospitalize her. So ... Justin called me immediately - and of course I nearly broke down in my classroom. I have to say a huge thank you to my principal, Nancy, for immediately coming to my classroom to finish out my day. And by the time I was walking out the door, they already had a sub lined up for me for today ... and can I just say how thankful I was to hear that it was Dawn, who was my long-term sub while I was on maternity leave. My class is in great hands! :) And - to even make things better, when I talked to Nancy today, she informed that Dawn was writing my lesson plans for next week! They have sure taken good care of me!

Anywho ... we got Jordyn to the hospital, and the nightmare began. They of course wanted to put an IV in her. They actually got it in on the first try ... only to realize 20 minutes later that it wasn't working right. Jordyn cried so hard. We had never seen tears fall from Jordyn's eyes, but let me tell you, they fell so hard yesterday. Since the first IV didn't work, they had to try again - and not just one more time, but 3 MORE TIMES! It gets worse - none of them worked. They were 0 for 4 on putting an IV in her. They decided that since she wasn't too dehydrated they would leave it out. So - our prayers are for WET diapers. :) They also took blood from her twice. For over 2 hours our precious baby screamed. It was awful, and we felt helpless.

She was able to finally relax last night, but she still had some pretty bad coughing fits. She was off and on oxygen yesterday - and she was on it all through the night. We're happy to say though that she has been off of oxygen for about 6 hours now! She was never on a lot of oxygen, but it was just enough that she still needed it. DARN - as I'm typing this, we're noticing her oxygen level is dropping ... pray it goes back up quickly!!

She has had a good day. She is eating well, but we're still hoping for more wet diapers. We DO NOT want to go through the IV process again!

We are not sure how long we will be here. The doctor originally thought through the weekend. It's hard to say, and there's no way to make a good guess on it. We do know that Jordyn for has to be off of oxygen for 24 hours before we can go home. (and she also has to have a clear nose ... they have been suctioning a lot of junk out of it)

We are thankful for so many prayers from our family and friends. Since we have our computer at the hospital now, it's a little easier for me to update. We'll hope our next update is filled with good news as well. :)

(I have pictures of our precious girl, but I can't post them at the hospital because we don't have our camera dock here.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the hospital

Jordyn has been hospitalized. Please pray for a quick recovery.

Monday, January 19, 2009

And the grand total is ...

... 9! I have spent 9 hours in a doctor offices/ER in the last 3 days! They might as well name a wing of the hospital after us! We will probably have donated enough money to build one! :) Jordyn continues to do pretty well. Her cough still sounds horrible and painful. However, she does not have a fever, oxygen levels were good again this morning, still no wheezing, and still showing off many smiles. We were at the doctor again this morning (to see her own pediatrician), and he felt things were going well. We will see him again next Monday.
Here's a picture of Jordyn at the ER last night (yes, I happened to have my camera in my purse). You can kind of see the heart and breathing monitor that she's hooked up to. She has two monitors on her chest, and then we have to carry around a bag with the machine whenever we move her. We do unhook her to feed her and change her, but otherwise we leave it hooked up. The breathing monitor went off twice a little while ago - scares the crap out of me! I'm not sure if she was just breathing too shallow for the machine to pick it up or if she missed a breath in there, but as soon as it beeps, she becomes alert. I am very thankful for this machine!

I keep mentioning how happy she continues to be ... here's a cute smile for you. :)
More hand sucking!

And yesterday I mentioned I had some pictures of Justin & Jordyn to share with you. I wanted to post them yesterday, but we had a change of plans in the afternoon/evening ... and by the time we got home from the ER, I didn't feel well enough to do anything. (My cold is horrible!)
Anyway - while I was cleaning on Saturday, Justin took some pictures of him and Jordyn!

I love this one. :)

I managed to run a few errands on Saturday afternoon ... and I bought Jordyn some winter clothes for next year! :)
Here's a picture from Sunday of where Gizmo's ball landed when Justin was throwing it up in the air. And I actually forgot about it until now ... it's still sitting up there!

I am hoping my cold and head ache go away soon and that Jordyn continues to feel good. If only that darn cough would go away. We are keeping her home from daycare this whole week so that she can be healthy when she returns next week. (and then it will be like starting daycare all over again ... more tears from me, I'm sure!)
Jordyn and Gizmo are both sleeping right now, so I think this is my chance to rest too.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jordyn's 1st Trip to the ER (and hopefully last!)

Well - Jordyn had her 1st trip to the ER this afternoon/evening. Her coughing really started to get bad, and she ended up with a pretty bad fever. By the time we arrived at the ER she was at 101.5. She did GREAT while we were there. They did more chest xrays to check for pneumonia, but the xrays were clear. :) We did find out, however, that she has an ear infection in right ear. The doctor and nurses couldn't believe how incredibly happy this baby is! We were told over and over how lucky we are. (We agree! Even if she was a fussy baby though, we would love her just the same!) She only cried when they did that darn xray again. I hate that thing they use for babies! I hope Jordyn never needs another one of those!

I will update more later (tomorrow), but just wanted to let you know we are home and Jordyn is doing pretty well. :) We're hoping things continue to get better for her.

Another one of "those days"

First of all, I should start off saying Thank You for your prayers. Jordyn had another great night - still sleeping through the night and her coughing isn't nearly as bad when she sleeps. :) She doesn't have a fever and is back to being a very happy girl! (Her coughing has once again been bad this morning, but she is sleeping through it.) We see the doctor again tomorrow - looking forward to hear what he has to say.

Onto another one of "those days" ... Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to scream at the top of your lungs??!! I thought that was how I was feeling on Friday (see Friday's post). Well, I had another one of those moments at 2:00 this morning. I woke up to my left eye matted shut. I knew immediately what that meant .. pink eye! All night long my eye watered and was continually stuck shut. What's next? So ... off to Acute Care AGAIN - 2 times in 3 days makes me want to SCREAM! It opened at 10 this morning, and I was not about to go in after 10:00 - I was not in the mood for another 2 hr. 45 min. trip to Acute Care. So, I arrived at 9:35 - nobody was going to beat me to that door with the mood that I was in! And ... I was right, I was the first one in and out the door by 10:15. I had them send my prescription to Hy Vee since I needed groceries too. When I arrived there, the prescription hadn't arrived yet, but they told me it should be coming soon. So ... I shopped, went back to the pharmacy only to find out the doctor never called in my prescription. After 10 minutes of trying to reach the doctor, they finally got ahold of him, and he remembered that he was supposed to send in a prescription for me. Then I had to wait another 10 minutes for them to fill it! What should have been a fast trip to Acute Care and Hy Vee, turned into another 2 hour outing! Thank goodness for Starbucks Carmel Frappuccinos ... I guess that made me feel a little better ... and I even brought one home for Justin.

If anyone has ideas of how to get rid the germs in my house, please let me know ... yesterday I lysoled EVERYTHING, washed all of our bed sheets/blankets, every door knob, sink/faucet, toilet handles, every light switch, TV remotes, the computer ... you name it, I cleaned it. (even bought new toothbrushes, washed all of the towels/wash cloths) This morning at 6 AM, I re-lysoled everything ... and when I got home from the doctor today, I re-lysoled everything that I had already lysoled twice! Yet I still feel like this house is full of germs!

As I'm typing this, I have a husband who is completely being a goof ball (good thing ... because I needed a good laugh) ... Justin was throwing Gizmo's ball up and down, and it is now sitting on the top of our ceiling fan on our 14 foot ceiling! (nice shot, huh?!) I don't want him to start the fan, because I'm afraid of all the dust that might come down ... I guess it will be up there for a little while. What a day!

I do have some pictures to post, but it will have to wait until a little bit later today. They're pretty cute - Justin and Jordyn had a photo shoot yesterday. Can't wait to share them with you! Time to make some lunch ... with the way my day is going, I'll probably start something on fire!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayers Please

Please continue to pray for Jordyn. He cough has gotten much worse in the last 30 minutes, and she now has a low fever. We're watching her carefully (and feeling thankful for the breathing monitor). We're hoping it doesn't get any worse.

RSV Update

Hi Friends! Just a quick update. We are having a pretty good day. Jordyn's cough is horrible, but she has no fever, her breathing has been great, no watery eyes, a little runny nose, she's eating GREAT (imagine that!) ... we're praying that her cough goes away soon. She continues to be incredibly happy. We just love seeing her smile. Thank you for all of the concern you have shown ... for the emails and messages you have left us. Please continue to pray that this RSV doesn't take a turn for the worse on her. She's a tough little girl! :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

One of "those days"

(*Sorry there's no spacing between my paragraphs tonight ... couldn't figure out how to change it.) :)
Have you ever had one of "those days?" I think that's about the only way to describe our day. As I mentioned in my last post, Jordyn was exposed to RSV at the daycare, and the last few days she has had a little cold. She had a great night, but she was coughing quite hard this morning when we got her up, and we made the decision that we didn't want her going to daycare today. So ... Justin stayed home with her a little while this morning, and then his mom came and watched her. We took Jordyn to the doctor at 10:30 this morning ... and after 1 hours of tests (RSV test, oxygen test, chest x-rays, neb treatment, and much care from the doctor), it was determined that Jordyn has RSV. You wouldn't know it though by they way she acts - she is still her incredibly happy self - it's the horrible cough that she has that tells us differently. We seem to have caught the RSV in the early stages. Other than her horrible cough, she doesn't have any of the other signs/symptoms of RSV. Her lungs were clear, oxygen levels were great, and her breathing sounded good. While we are extremely thrilled that we caught it in the early stage, there's no telling what may happen next. She may be completely fine, and then be the exact opposite an hour later. The doctor is pretty concerned about her since she is so little. So ... she is now hooked up to a breathing monitor that we will use for the next 2-3 weeks. When young babies get RSV, there's a chance they can stop breathing. The monitor will go off (louder than a smoke detector) if she stops breathing. This is incredibly scary to us ... I'm not sure how much sleep we'll be getting. I just want to keep an eye on her. Please pray for Jordyn that this doesn't get any worse.
Back to one of "those days. I went back to school after the doctor appointment, and Justin's mom watched Jordyn for the rest of the afternoon. I could have taken the afternoon off, but I thought that since Jordyn seemed to be feeling pretty good and wasn't fussy, that I would just finish the day out. As the afternoon went on, my throat and ears started to hurt pretty bad. They hurt a little last night, but it got really bad this afternoon. So, after Justin got home from work tonight, I ran over to acute care. The wait time was supposed to be 0-30 minutes. (They update acute care on the Internet here every 30 minutes.) Apparently they either forgot to update the website or they don't know how to estimate time, but TWO HOURS later, I was FINALLY called back into the room. After 20 minutes in the room, the doctor finally came in - and then I found out she was upset because the nurse hadn't done the strep test on me. So she did it quickly ... and that took 15 minutes to run through the lab. During that 15 minutes an emergency came into acute care (I overheard through the door a kid needed stitches), so I had to sit and wait some more. FINALLY the doctor came back in - only to tell me that my horribly sore throat isn't strep and there's nothing she can do for the pain I'm in. So after more than 2 1/2 hours at acute care, I walked out knowing the same thing I did when I walked in - that I had a sore throat.
We're hopeful that tomorrow will be better day ... and we're praying hard that Jordyn's RSV doesn't get worse. We had plans to be out of town this weekend, but we cancelled those immediately today - so we'll just be hanging out at home this weekend. Never hurts to spend a weekend relaxing!
Good night! (Sorry - no pictures to share tonight - no time to upload them.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to the world of blogging!

Hi friends! It has been a little while since I last updated! We were without our computer for a few days, and the last couple of days have just been so busy! It's hard to believe that we are half way through January ... and even harder to believe that Jordyn is 11 weeks old today and has gone through almost 2 full weeks of daycare! Time is going so quickly! Our transition into work and daycare continues to go pretty well. I am still not a fan of the alarm going off at 5:30, but maybe someday I'll get used to it! Jordyn continues to sleep through the night, which is awesome! I haven't slept this well since before I was pregnant!
Jordyn and I are both coming down with colds - bummer! Justin just got over his (after almost 3 weeks), and now Jordyn and I have it. We are praying though that Jordyn's doesn't get any worse. This morning 2 babies that go to her daycare had confirmed cases of RSV. (Welcome to the daycare world, right?!) I am very nervous about this. We have already been in contact with the nurse since Jordyn has been showing little signs of a cold. She told us what to watch out for and if we see if any of those signs, to get her in immediately.We are hopeful that she won't catch it!
Jordyn continues to amaze each day. She is getting very strong and of course getting big! Her little cheeks have started filling out and are getting chubby. :) Her legs are also getting chubby too! Her tummy continues to stay thin though! She still LOVES bath time, loves having her hair washed, loves looking at books, loves kicking her legs, and is all of sudden loving the TV. I can tell she's really picking up on the bright colors. She loves to watch Baby Einstein - but I can't decide who likes it better - Jordyn or Gizmo. One of these days I'll get a picture of the two of them watching it! Jordyn will stare at the TV - and Gizmo stares even harder. It's pretty funny!
Something else that Jordyn has really discovered in the last couple of weeks her hand/thumb. She's always tried to suck on her thumb, but now she is into sucking her entire hand. And while it's absolutely adorable, I have really been trying to stop it. I'll put her pacifier in, and she'll pull it out immediately so she can put her hand in her mouth. It's even funnier though when she starts to cry because she can't get her whole hand in her mouth. There are many mornings that I wake up to Jordyn making a very loud sucking noise - because she's sucking on her hand. She doesn't wake me up by crying - just sucking! She just brings so many smiles to our faces!
And here's our little hand sucker - and if you look closely, her pacifier is in her right hand. She had just pulled it out!

Jordyn & Mom
Jordyn loves to be naked - but since it's so cold we try to keep her covered - she knows just how to throw the blanket off!
Laughing at Daddy

Looking grown up - Justin dressed her and made sure she even had shoes on before we went shopping.
More smiles!

I know I have more news to update on, but that's it for tonight. We have lots to do around the house, and my parents will be here in a little while to see Jordyn. Have a great evening!

Monday, January 12, 2009

No computer

Hi Friends! Just a quick update - we are without a computer for a few days so I might not be able to update until Tuesday or Wednesday. (I am using my school computer right now.) I forgot how much we rely on technology! Anyway, we hope you had a great weekend ... and have a great Monday!

Friday, January 9, 2009


We are so glad that it is Friday! We made it through a week back to work and Jordyn's first week of daycare! Her first week went very well. She did great at daycare - they told me that she is an incredibly happy baby. Like we didn't already know that. :) Of course I couldn't wait to go pick her up each day - and each day I was greeted with HUGE smiles and lots of giggles from her. She loves to smile at us, and one of her new favorite things to do is listen to myself or Justin sing the Wheels on the Bus. For some reason she just loves that song! Today she was even trying to "sing" along with me. If only I could have gotten the video camera out fast enough. Next time I'll have it ready!
Here are few pictures or Jordyn showing off her adorable smile. These are the same smiles that I am greeted with each day at daycare, the smiles that we see when we get her up in the morning, the smiles we see when we sing to her, the smiles we see when she is on the floor kicking, and the smiles when we snuggle with her. We are so in love with this precious girl!

A little tummy with the boppy pillow. (Isn't the blanket in these pictures beautiful? My Aunt Linda made it for Jordyn!)
And ... now for Gizmo ... he decided to snuggle up with Justin on the floor. What a dog! We don't have too much planned for the weekend. I think we could both use a very long nap tomorrow! We're exhausted. Jordyn has been sleeping pretty well through the night (most nights form about 10:30/11:00 until 5:15/5:30). I think she would sleep longer in the morning, but I have to wake her up to give her her reflux medication 30 minutes before she eats. And while I hate waking a sleeping baby, the medication seems to be necessary. I would have to wake her by 5:45 to feed her anyway so that we can leave the house by 6:45. I am learning how to be a morning person. :)
Time to sign off for now ... have a fabulous weekend!