Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trial run of daycare

Jordyn had her first experience of daycare today. The daycare recommended that I bring her in for a few hours this week before she starts full time next week. So ... I dropped Jordyn off at 9:00 this morning. No tears from me until I got to the car. I didn't doubt for a second that Jordyn wouldn't be well taken care of, but I just don't like the thought of daycare. So, while she was at daycare I went and got my haircut and worked out. I had to stay busy - and I didn't really want to go back to our house because I thought I would feel so guilty that she wasn't there with me. I did end up coming home to shower, but that was it. Poor Gizmo couldn't figure out where Jordyn was. He searched every room in the house, went to every place she might be (the crib, changing table, swing, bouncy chair, bassinet). He just couldn't figure it out - but maybe he was actually happy about it because then he would get all of the attention. :)
I picked Jordyn up at noon - she had had a great morning. They couldn't believe how laid back she was and also how alert she is! We would have to agree with them. Jordyn has a pretty good set of lungs on her, but we really don't hear her fuss too much ... unless she wants food! I've said it before - she LOVES to eat! I felt better after knowing she had done well while she was there for the three hours. I felt like she had been well taken care of. I know Monday will be tough for me, but I am glad that I took her in for a little while today.
Jordyn has her 2 month check up tomorrow. I can't believe that she is 2 months old today. Time is sure flying! I said that I would probably cry harder than she does tomorrow when she gets her shots. I am anxious to see how much she weights - my guess is around 11 pounds. She just keeps growing! In the last 1-2 weeks, she has really started "talking" and loves to smile. I love to just watch her and listen to her .... which is probably why my house is a mess. (I get nothing done since I just want to play with Jordyn!) :) Being a mom is wonderful, and I know Justin would agree that being a dad is wonderful too!
Ending with a few pictures today ...
Jordyn looks like she's working on her boxing skills - she's already practicing so that she can box her dad on the Wii.

Awww Mom ... another picture??!!
And maybe one day she'll be a choir director?!
Have a great afternoon!

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Lee Anne said...

Great comments with the pictures...very funny!

I will say that the whole daycare thing gets easier. I think you were smart for taking her there for a little while this week. The fact that your daycare provider knew some of Jordyn's true personality traits shows she spent time bonding with her.

Daycare, and all that goes with it, has always been very hard for me (I am a little over the top about it) so I understand totally where you are coming from and I will say lots of prayers next week for you!

Lee Anne