Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas #2 - #7 ... We Made It!

Hi Friends! We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas! We had a wonderful 4 days of Christmas celebrations. It was so nice to spend so much time with our families! Here's a rundown of our busy Christmas schedule ...

Tuesday: Christmas with the 3 of us (see previous post)
Wednesday: Dinner with Justin's family, Christmas Eve church with my family, and Christmas with my Grandpa and Grandma Kannegieter
Thursday: Christmas morning with my family, Christmas lunch with my dad's sister and family, Christmas afternoon/evening with Justin's family
Friday: Christmas with Justin's Grandpa and Grandma Van Ginkel
Saturday: Christmas with Justin's Grandpa and Grandma Overman

Jordyn did great throughout our busy schedule. She actually slept through all 7 gift openings! I made a slide show with some of our pictures. I didn't post all of them ... I didn't want to bore you too much. :)

On a side note - Jordyn is so close to sleeping through the night! Yeah! On Thursday night she slept from 11:00-4:45, and last night she slept from 10:30-5:30! I couldn't believe it! 10:30-5:30 would be a perfect schedule for me when I am back at work again! Last night was the first night I have slept for 6-7 hours since I was about 4 or 5 months pregnant! It sure felt good!

Now it's time to relax. Our gifts are put away, the house is mostly cleaned up. Our evening will consist of watching football, playing Price is Right on the Wii or the Wii Fit ... and of course snuggling with Jordyn!


Jess :) said...

Absolutely precious pictures!!! I love them!!! :) Can't wait to come see her and you!! :) I'll give you a call on Monday sometime!!

Jess :)

Lee Anne said...

I love the dress! Super cute! And I love that it has matching shoes.

Sleeping through the night...WOO HOO! That has to feel good. Sometimes I wonder how I ever did it. (and I did for 11 months with boy #2. Turkey that he was)

Enjoy your week off, you have been running a lot! But, it's nice to have family so close.

Lee Anne

Lawn Rangers for Terry said...

Justin and Jess,
We LOVE your blog... and check it often! I hope you print from time to time... and save! Your kid(s!!!) will love it! Happy 2009! Love to you all... always!
Terry, Shelley, Michael, Molly & Sid